Empowering all employees

Approach to ensuring the success of all employees

To provide new value to society as a leading-edge service company, Credit Saison believes it is necessary to create an organization in which a diverse range of human resources can each succeed in their own way.

To continue to be a vibrant and rewarding organization in which all employees can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest and achieve a sense of fulfilment, we focus on the individual qualities and strengths of each employee, promoting a human resources strategy designed to visualize our workforce, ensure the right people are assigned the right positions and support their growth in order to bring out the success of all employees.We have continued to pursue reforms to personnel systems that reflect the unique qualities of Credit Saison unbound by precedent and customs, ensuring that through our diverse personnel systems we create an environment that enables employees to continually take on challenges with peace of mind while maintaining a health work-life balance, and continue to be a company enabling the success of talented human resources in the long term.

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