Empowering all employees

To Remain a Company Where Every Employee Creates Value

Since the 1980s, Credit Saison has been a pioneer in actively recruiting women and creating a system that enables them to play a long-term active role. As a result, we have fostered a culture in which diverse human resources of different genders, educational backgrounds, nationalities, and backgrounds are encouraged to utilize their individuality and play an active role. In September 2017, we also introduced a new personnel system that unifies the treatment of all employees, and we are working to create an environment that maximizes the potential of our employees, who are the driving force behind our business expansion. Our human resource strategy is based on the ideal that each individual among a diverse workforce will think for themselves about how they want to live their lives based on working for our company and that their personal growth will contribute to the growth of the organization and, ultimately, to society.

We believe that in order to provide new value to society as a leading-edge service company, we need to continue to be a vibrant organization with a sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction, where all employees can demonstrate their full potential. For this reason, we are focusing on the individuality and strengths of each employee and promoting a human resources strategy that visualizes human resources, places the right people in the right positions, and supports growth so that employees can perform their roles to their fullest. Through our diverse human resource system, we aim to create an environment where people can continue to take on challenges with peace of mind, and to become a company where talented people can continue to work for a longer period of time while maintaining a good work-life balance.

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