Human resource development & career development

At Credit Saison, we support our employees in understanding their expected roles, creating a habit to learn on their own, and working autonomously to help each individual achieve growth and career self-reliance.
We also strive to understand the situation of each employee and provide support for their desired career, in order to create a rewarding work environment and improve employee satisfaction.


Supporting employee growth

We are developing the means and environment for each individual to proactively consider and work on his or her career. In addition, we aim for the growth of our employees and the organization by providing opportunities to take on challenges and a system to support those challenges.

Career Sheet Declaration of past experience and orientation and future career and growth plans. Thinking about the future direction of career will lead our employees to take active action in making it a reality. The contents of the declaration will be used as a reference for human resource development planning and optimal job placement.
Career Design Program We provide support to our employees in considering their autonomous career according to the expected roles by age and issues in their personal career development.
Human Resource Development Meeting Once a year, supervisors get together to talk about employee development plans. Development approaches that suit each employee are nailed down not only based on the wishes of the individual but also from multiple perspectives to support the employee’s growth.
One-on-One Meetings This type of meeting creates an environment where supervisors and subordinates can communicate in both directions and feel safe to challenge each other.
Dream challenge Once a year, employees can apply for a transfer to their desired department. This system allows employees with a clear image of their own career path and potential contribution to the company to directly contact the Strategic Human Resources Dept.
Open challenge
(public application system)
This system allows employees to apply for positions, such as when a new business or new department is being set up, without having to go through their superiors.
Job competition Employees at the section manager level or above can declare their desired position once a year. It is also possible for them to submit a request to start a new company, and all declarations will be looked over by management and used as a reference for organizational and personnel changes.
Support for acquisition of qualification The company provides assistance with the cost of gaining or preparing for qualifications, not only qualifications that are essential for business operations but also qualifications that are judged necessary for improving work performance.

[Qualifications that are essential for business operations]
Money lending business specialist, personal information handling specialist, creditor (credit screening business skills test general course), AML/CFT standard, AML/CFT officer, etc.
[Qualifications that are judged necessary for improving work performance]
Financial planner, JCCI bookkeeping test, IT passport, etc.
(Results for FY2022)
Choice-based training Credit Saison has prepared a program that allows employees to choose the learning they need for their own training and career development in line with their own goals.

In addition, we provide training to managers on basic knowledge (education on systems, performance evaluation, etc.), management, communication, mental health, and harassment.

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