Human resource development & career development

Our approach to human resource development

We engage in human resource development that enables employees to contribute to the creation of corporate value as a member of a comprehensive life services group. We achieve this by respecting the wishes of employees, carefully assessing the aptitude of each employee, fostering a culture of proactive learning, and providing educational support and investment for human resources engaged in self-directed career development and growth through reskilling.


Theme-specific skills training

We have incorporated a wide range of training programs for each employee to acquire or relearn skills at appropriate times based on their roles.


Tiered skill training

We provide training to all employees so they can acquire abilities and skills based on their assigned roles.
We expect that our training programs will be used as opportunities for proactive learning by employees and reskilling in anticipation of future career developments, leading to the growth of employees and the company alike.

Specialized skill improvement training

Mindful that our employees are professional human resources, we provide training tailored to specialized skills so they can fulfill their potential.
We work to improve employee skills by combining training with practical implementation at the divisional level in areas such as B-to-B sales, finance, digital technology and customer support.

Support for acquiring work-related qualifications

In addition to qualifications that are essential for business operations, we also provide support for gaining qualifications that are judged necessary for improving work performance.
We help turn employees into professionals by subsidizing the costs of advance learning and examinations to gain qualifications.

<Examples of Subsidized Qualifications>Money lending business specialist Personal information handling specialist IT passport
AML/CFT standard Financial planner

Saison learning

This is an in-house tutoring system developed based on a suggestion from an officer. Designed to invigorate exchanges between employees and spur self-development, employees playing the role of instructor provide in-house classes on various themes including business skills and operational knowledge.
To convey gratitude to the instructors, Eikyufumetsu Points can be gifted using a peer-to-peer bonus system.

<Examples of lesson themes>Learn the basics of contracts with Momotaro!
I'll teach you the secrets of credit screening!

Supporting self-directed career development

When we enter a new business domain, employees need to not only enhance their expertise, but also cultivate a wide range of experiences and perspectives beyond the boundaries of their current department or company. We help employees practice learning to acquire the necessary skills and capabilities, advancing to the next step while capitalizing on their own strengths.

● Open challenge (Groupwide recruitment postings)

Under this system, we advertise openings for applicable positions in key business domains, new businesses and Group companies based on management strategy, and allow employees to apply for these positions without going through their supervisors.

● Dream challenge

Once a year, employees looking to advance in their career or who have a clear image of how they can contribute to the company can apply for a transfer to their desired department.

● Career sheet

Employees declare their past experience and intentions together with their future career aspirations and skills. Thinking about their future career direction leads employees to take more proactive action to achieve it. The information that employees share is utilized for human resource development planning and when considering optimum personnel assignments.

● Side work

Employees are allowed to engage in side work when certain conditions are met. We support working styles in which employees can return the experiences they have gained outside the company to our core businesses, and working styles that lead to the career advancement of employees.

● Leave to Pursue New Challenges

The leave of absence system is designed to help improve employees’ skills, facilitate their growth and enhance their contribution to the organization. The system helps employees by enabling them to discover new values and cultures and acquire new knowledge and skills.

● Career Design Program

We help employees think about their own careers based on the expected roles of different age groups and challenges faced in individual career development.

● Second life seminars

We run seminars for employees approaching the milestone of 60 years of age to raise awareness about second careers.


SWITCH SAISON is an internal venture program for employees to bring their ideas to fruition in speedy fashion.
This is operated as an initiative to support employees in taking on challenges, with the aim of fostering a culture to spontaneously generate ideas and improving employee skills.


This is an initiative where top management work with employees to solve a various of management issues beyond departmental boundaries, with the aim of "having top management exhibit leadership and consider the future of Credit Saison together with employees" in order to achieve management strategies.
Through exchanges with top management, employees are also able to learn about approaches from the perspective of managers.


Scenes from NEXT SAISON activities

Mechanisms to support growth

We strive to foster a workplace culture where employees understand and support one another in achieving a healthy work-life balance, thus enabling all employees to continue to flourish without worrying about how to balance their work responsibilities and private lives.

● CS Style Tip peer-to-peer bonus system

We have introduced a peer-to-peer bonus system that allows employees to convey gratitude toward one another for results and contributions made through day-to-day work that is not always visible. In true Credit Saison fashion, both the person giving the bonus and the person receiving the bonus are awarded Eikyufumetsu Points.

● 1on1One-on-ones

Regular 1-on-1 dialogue between supervisors and their subordinates takes place in connection with themes such as how to proceed with work, interpersonal relationships and future career development, as part of efforts to support the growth of subordinates.

● Human resource development meetings

Once a year supervisors gather to discuss development plans for their subordinates and support the growth of employees, in order to clarify development approaches for each employee based on multiple perspectives, while also taking the wishes of individual employees into account.

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