Health management

To continue to create new value as a “leading-edge service company,”
we aim to ensure each employee is always in their best condition so they can perform at the height of their potential, the happiness of our employees and their families, and the provision of good services to our customers and partners.

Basic Principles

Ensuring health and safety is a critical requirement for all operations. Our basic views concerning health are as follows.

  • ①For employees, health is necessary for realizing their life design plans.
  • ②For companies, employees need to be healthy to harness their capabilities sufficiently to contribute to the business activities and social activities.
  • ③Employees should look after their own health but companies ought to support such activities.


  • ①Employees actively participate in activities to promote health that companies implement.
  • ②Employees are responsible for managing their own health so they can do their work enthusiastically.

Health management promotion system

The health promotion team within the Strategic Human Resources Dept. play a central role in promoting activities for maintaining and improving employees’ health. Furthermore, in addition to Company-wide activities, a hygiene committee member who work as the promotion leader is assigned to each branch office nationwide with activities carried out in response to issues at each office. A system has been set up that allows employees to easily consult regarding their mental and physical wellbeing.


Specific Activities

Prevention and early detection

Health promotion and literacy improvement

Support for returning to work and balancing work and family

Awards and recognition

  • We have been recognized as an Excellent Health Management Corporation 2021.
  • We were awarded “Gold” in the Cancer Ally Declaration Award.
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