Health management

Health management declaration

To continue to create new value as a “leading-edge service company,”
we aim to ensure each employee is always in their best condition so they can perform
at the height of their potential, the happiness of our employees and their families,
and the provision of good services to our customers and partners.
At Credit Saison, we regard the maintenance and advancement of employees' health
as an important management issue. To promote this we have developed an organizational structure and implement a range of initiatives.

Basic principles

Ensuring health and safety is a critical requirement for all operations.Our basic views concerning health are as follows.




  • Comply with mandatory safety considerations.
  • Maintain the necessary systems for safety management.
    • - Promote systems for task environments, work environment management, and health management.
    • - Provide education on occupational safety and health to supervisors and managers as well as employees.


  • Take steps on their own to ensure their safety and improve their health.
    • - Actively participate in activities to promote health that companies implement.
    • - Responsible for managing their own health so they can do their work enthusiastically.

Health management promotion system

Our health management promotion system is led by the Representative, Executive President and COO, and the Representative, Executive Vice President and CHO. The wellness promotion team within the Strategic Human Resources Dept. play a central role in promoting activities to maintain and advance the health of employees.Furthermore, in addition to Company-wide activities, a hygiene committee member who work as the promotion leader is assigned to each branch office nationwide with activities carried out in response to issues at each office. A system has been set up that allows employees to easily consult regarding their mental and physical wellbeing.
Reports on health management initiatives are reported to the Board of Directors and other bodies as needed.

推進体制図 推進体制図

Past activities

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Creating healthy mind and body / the cycle of protection


In-house activities

Resilience Program as an approach to top management

To develop people and organizations that are strong in the face of change in the lead-up to our third founding, we emphasized the ability to powerfully lead an organization in times of adversity (resilience), and implemented the Resilience Program for officers.By having officers set examples worth following, make habits of enhancing the four vital forces of physical , emotional, cognitive and spiritual strength and have them spread throughout the organization, we aim to have employees continue to work with vigor and happiness, and will continue to implement the program going forward.As of August 2023, all officers have attended the program.

Activities for ensuring appropriate working hours and having employees balance work and family life

  • To optimize working hours, we visualize working hours using the attendance management system.Employees and their supervisors monitor holidays and leave usage and the status of overtime work on a daily basis, while a Time Management Committee held between labor and management advances initiatives to improve working hours.
  • In 2018 and 2019, the SMART WORK CHALLENGE, a work-style reform campaign aimed at improving productivity was implemented companywide. By sharing the initiatives underway in each department across the company, we made improvements to workstyles companywide.
  • Each year we conduct "Life Questionnaires" through which employees report to the company matters that will need to be taken into account when working in the future (nursing care, etc.).The matters that will need to be taken into account when working in the future are shared between supervisors and employees, providing opportunities for them to consider future working styles together.

Activities to address women's health issues

  • Women constitute approx. 70% of all employees. We therefore take a range initiatives to resolve health issues that are specific to women, so that our female employees can continue to enjoy working with good health in response to life-stage changes.
  • We regularly hold a voluntary, interactive seminar, thus providing opportunities to think about maintaining and promoting good health independently.
  • [Seminar Results]

    • Seminars on diseases specific to women by a gynecologist held in 2021 and 2022 (total of two times)
    • Seminars on the use of midwife services held in FY2021 (total of three times)
    • Femtech seminars held between 2021 and 2023 (total of five times), with 296 attendees
  • We provide partial financial support for employees receiving fertilization treatment.

Cancer control

  • To have employees acquire accurate knowledge about cancer and encourage them to receive cancer screenings at an early stage, we provide them with information regularly via our intranet, internal social media, and other media.
  • We advocate the importance of cancer screening and early detection by taking measures, including talks given by employees who have survived cancer and the delivery of articles on interviews with such employees to the entire company. We also deliver a message that our employees do not give up but continue working even if they have cancer.
  • - In the consortium of companies in the corporate action for promoting cancer control, a project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, from 2021, we have participated in the Kigyo Consortium 40 (Company Consortium 40) as a company working on cancer control enthusiastically and engaged in workplace cancer control through meetings and training sessions.

Measures against lifestyle-related diseases and smoking

  • We take thorough measures to ensure that all employees receive regular health checkups, aiming for employee health management and the early detection and prevention of diseases. The annual rate of employees who receive a health checkup has been 100%.We have also added test items for preventing lifestyle-related diseases to statutory items, thus enhancing the content of the health checkup.
  • We hold a walking campaign every year in cooperation with the health insurance union with the aim of maintaining and advancing people's health, reviewing exercise habits and improving lifestyle habits.
    (Number of participants: 320 in 2020, 720 in 2021, and 726 in 2022)
  • To reduce the risk of smoking, our health insurance union encourages employees who smoke to receive treatment to help them quit smoking, and subsidizes the costs of treatment.
  • To refresh and maintain the mind and body, we recommend that employees take wellness leave once every five years. We also encourage employees to take consecutive leave and receive a thorough physical examination. We subsidize the cost of a thorough physical examination.

Helping employees to continue working while receiving treatment

  • We have established the Self-Management Assistance Program to help employees who have taken a leave of absence due to physical or mental health issues to continue working independently after returning to work.The target and health condition of each such employee are checked in each phase, and their supervisor, industrial physician, public health nurse, and the Strategic Human Resources Dept. work together in supporting the employee during the leave of absence, when returning to work, and after they have returned to work.
  • We have established various systems that allow flexible work-styles to balance medical treatment with work, such as hourly paid leave, half-day paid leave, flex-time, staggered working hours, and telework.

External activities

KENKO Kigyokai

  • We have joined KENKO Kigyokai since 2016.
  • We have participated in sectional meetings on mental health, walking, women's health, and the promotion of health management.(In FY2021, we served as the organizer of sectional meetings on promotion of health management.)

Corporate action for promoting cancer control (Gan Taisaku Suishin Kigyo Action)

  • 2010: Registered as a promotion partner in the corporate action for promoting cancer control
  • 2020: Recognized as a company with excellent performance in the promotion of cancer control in the corporate action for promoting cancer control
  • 2021: Participated in the Company Consortium 40 in the corporate action for promoting cancer control
  • 2023: Recognized as a company with excellent performance in the promotion of cancer control in the corporate action for promoting cancer control(2 consecutive years consecutive awards)

Gan Ally Bu

  • 2018: Joined Gan Ally Bu. Made a cancer ally declaration (Gan Ally Sengen).
  • In the Gan Ally Awards, we received the Gold award, the highest award that is granted to companies engaged in outstanding activities, for six consecutive years.

External evaluation

Our health management initiatives have been recognized by outside organizations.

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