Foster a Corporate Culture to Embrace Challenges

Foster a Corporate Culture to Embrace Challenges

With the aim of fostering a corporate culture where everyone individually can continue to embrace challenges, we are implementing systems and initiatives that encourage embracing challenge and the growth of our employees.

Common HR system for all employees

Previously, Credit Saison had been achieving growth by creating an environment in which each individual could demonstrate his or her individuality and abilities, regardless of gender, education, nationality or background. For its sustainable growth, the Company would need to unleash the full capacity of all its people and required a venture spirit of always trying to grow. Therefore, in September 2017, we abolished the previous employee classifications, which included specialist workers and mate employees (part-timers), with the goal of “creating an environment and corporate culture that bolsters the potential of each and every employee.” With the exception of part-time employees, all employees are now designated as full-time employees who are indefinitely employed and treated according to their functional roles of responsibility (with equal pay for equal work). In addition to paying bonuses to all employees, we have unified all systems, such as defined-contribution pension plans and welfare programs, into a personnel system common to all employees.


“CS Style” Code of Conduct

For every employee to embody the uniqueness of Credit Saison, the Company formulated five employee conduct policies—embrace challenges, question conventiona wisdom, work until the job is finished, elevate team power and elevate yourself—called “CS Style,” that are common to all employees. As action guidelines that lead to the realization of the Company’s “leading-edge service company” management philosophy, every employee is working to put CS Style into practice daily.


Measures to instill “CS Style”

Peer-to-peer bonus system (CS Style Chips)
Credit Saison is introducing a new version of its peerto-peer bonus system that allows employees to send incentives to each other for the results and contributions of those jobs that are not easily recognized on a day-to-day basis. The giving of chips with words of gratitude and praise among employees for actions and initiatives aligned with CS Style is leading to the stimulation of communication that crosses between locations and departments, improvement of motivation and promotion of CS Style practices.
CS Style Penetration and Behavioral Adherence Survey
We survey and analyze the extent of penetration and implementation of CS Style (embrace challenges, question conventional wisdom, work until the job is finished, elevate team power, elevate yourself) in the workplace, with the aim of making everyone aware of it and embodying it in the workplace.

SWITCH SAISON in-house venture program

For the dual purpose of fostering a culture at Credit Saison in which employees can generate ideas and creating new services that respond to changes in social needs and markets, the Company holds its SWITCH SAISON in-house venture program twice a year to quickly make employees’ ideas part of the business. All employees are eligible to take part in this program, which produces ideas from across different age groups. At the same time as providing support through a mentor program to lead to commercialization and the budgeting of the business development costs, for those projects that have been adopted we have also realized flexible personnel changes for their creators.

社内ベンチャープログラム「SWITCH SAISON」社内ベンチャープログラム「SWITCH SAISON」
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