Diversity, equity & inclusion

At Credit Saison, women have been active in various positions and have played a part in the growth of our company even before the concepts of “promotion of women's advancement” and “diversity” became widespread.
Currently, the Strategic Human Resources Department plays a central role in developing systems and creating a culture of mutual understanding in order to create an organization where not only women but also employees with diverse backgrounds can work comfortably, demonstrate their abilities, and play an active role.

Diversity Declaration

Credit Saison aims to be a company where we acknowledge and harness each other’s capabilities so all employees can actively contribute and flourish as individual

Promotion structure

In August 2021, we established the Sustainability Promotion Committee, chaired by our Representative, Executive President and COO, and set up a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Promotion Working Group (DE&I Promotion WG) within the Committee.  Since September 2021, the DE&I Promotion WG has been holding discussions regularly (once a month), reporting to the Board of Directors where necessary, and conducting activities in cooperation with various business departments, to further promote DE&I throughout the Group. 

Promotion structure

History of support for diverse human resources

We have been proactively recruiting women since the 1980s. We have a history of expanding our systems by listening to the voices of our employees in order to realize the active participation of women in a variety of roles and positions so that they do not have to give up their employment and career development on account of life events such as marriage and childbirth.
Over the years, we have expanded and enhanced our systems and have built up a track record of their use, thereby fostering a corporate culture that accepts, understands, and supports not only women but also any other colleagues who are trying to balance work and childcare.

Promotion of the advancement of women

About 70% of our employees are women. About 10% of our employees work reduced hours to accommodate for childcare, and we are also carrying out various efforts in addition to our other system improvements so that employees working while balancing childcare can play an active role regardless of such restrictions.

Seminars for working mothers to support their activities
We offer two courses for working mothers: the “Work-Life Balance” course, which focuses on balancing work and childcare, and the “Career Design” course, which provides a mid-term vision of one's career.
Career interviews when returning to work after childcare leave
In the interview upon return to work, the employee is asked to take stock of the person’s career to date and to think about medium- to long-term career plans, while conveying the company's expectations for career development. We proactively reassign employees based on their wishes and aptitude.
Action plans based on the Law for the Promotion of Female Activities and the Law for the Development of the Next Generation
Together with developing an environment in which all employees can continue to work with high motivation regardless of gender or life-stage changes, we will continue to actively promote the activities of female employees, aiming to create an environment in which diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their abilities and aptitudes. View details
Certification / selection
We have been selected as a constituent of the “MSCI Japan Women's Empowering Index.”

Promotion of the active participation of diverse human resources

・Global human resources

We currently have more than 8,000 (*) employees working at overseas bases and most of these have been hired locally, giving us a workforce made up of diverse nationalities. We also actively appoint local talent to management  roles and promote local business operations under the leadership of local talent. (*As of the end of June 2023. Includes consolidated subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates.)
Furthermore, we hold the SAISON GLOBAL SUMMIT once a year for the purpose of creating synergy through the sharing of information among members of our various overseas bases, study meetings, networking, the creation of a sense of unity across the Group, and the exchange of diverse values. 


・Support for the promotion and retention of employment of people with disabilities

We recruit both new graduates and mid-career workers throughout the year. To support the retention of employees, we introduce tools to support their employment, provide training, and conduct regular interviews. In addition, in order to create new employment opportunities, we have opened the “Saison Farm Toda,” which grows herbs indoors, and the "Ubiquitous Office Team," which consolidates internal office work, to further promote employment.


・LGBT initiatives

We provide training on LGBT-friendly manners. Employees who wish to are able to participate and comprehensively learn basic terminology, the history of the program, how to respond in the workplace, and examples of specific initiatives.

Programs and initiatives to support diversity, equity and inclusion

Realization of diverse work styles

Program Content
Telework We promote effective utilization of commuting or moving time by working at home and mobile work to increase productivity and promote activity.
Flextime Employees can determine their working hours of the working day at their own discretion within the range of total monthly working hours each month to realize their optimum work style according to the operational circumstances of their department.
Hourly paid leaves In addition to day and half-day paid leaves, employees can now take hourly leaves for various purposes. (Maximum 5 workdays per year)
Reduced workdays or working hours Employees can have reduced workdays or working hours not only for childcare or nursing care, but also for developing skills after work. (Maximum 168 days per year, reduced hours of up to 2 hours daily in units of 30 minutes)
Second job Employees who meet the requirements can take on a sideline. We support any arrangement which can lead to career advancement and where the experience gained externally can benefit the main work in the company.
Reduction of overtime and health related Content
SMART WORK CHALLENGE A work-style reform campaign is currently being implemented across the whole Company to improve productivity.
Optimizing working hours Attendance management system and Time Management Committee meetings Our attendance management system allows us to visualize employees’ working hours, and employees and their supervisors daily verify the days off, leaves and overtime status. Also, the Time Management Committee convenes regularly to find ways to improve working hour conditions.
Encouraging consecutive paid holidays We encourage employees to take consecutive paid holidays (such as, promoting paid leaves for planned vacation promotions, encouraging to take age-related full medical examinations).
Improvement of office environment Content
Refurbishment of Office Environment Credit Saison has been working to create an office environment to create a flexible organization, address work-style reforms,improve productivity, and encourage better communication.
Office casual In order to recognize diversity, cultivate creativity and sensitivity, as well as improve productivity, employees are allowed to dress casually around the office.

Supporting balance with home

Program Content
Childcare leave It is possible to take childcare leave until March 31 of the fiscal year the child turns three years old. We can provide a strong system for balancing work and childcare by not limiting the period of childcare leave to one year. During this time, the person can spend the time in a way that suits them, such as working hard to improve their career through self-development, allowing for a smooth return to work.
Spouse childbirth leave Employees may take 5 days of paid leave within 30 days before or after the day of birth to their spouse.
Reduced working hours Employees who are raising children can work with reduced hours until April 15 or the year their children enter the fourth grade, and employees who need to provide nursing care can also work with reduced hours until the nursing care is no longer necessary. Employees can choose to work 30 minutes to 2 hours less than the prescribed daily working hours, and after returning to their regular work schedule, they can also reduce their working hours again, allowing them to work flexibly while maintaining a balance between career and life.
Morning sickness leave, hospital visit leave Female employees who are pregnant and have difficulty working due to morning sickness or after childbirth, or female employees who are pregnant or are within one year after childbirth and need to go to the hospital for checkups can take the necessary number of days off.
Child nursing leave Employees who take care of children who are under elementary school age can take 5 days off per year (with pay) if they have only one child, or 10 days per year (without pay from the 6th day) if they have two or more children, in increments of one day, half a day, or hours in order to provide care to sick or injured children or to receive vaccinations or medical checkups for their children.
Change of work location or role Due to circumstances such as marriage, childbirth, childcare, or nursing care, it is possible to change to a work style with a limited work location and role, etc. If the limiting circumstances no longer exist, they can be expanding again.
Nursing care leave During the period of nursing care, employees can work reduced hours and can also take up to one year of nursing care leave.
Nursing care leave During the period of time that nursing care is necessary, employees can take five days per year if you have one family member to care for, or ten days per year if you have two or more family members to care for, in increments of one day, half a day, or hours.

Supporting flexible working styles

Program Content
Injury or sick leave If you are temporarily unable to work due to personal injury or illness, you can take a leave of absence and concentrate on your medical treatment. In addition, when returning to work, we apply the Return to Work Program and provide support for balancing work and other considerations to ensure a smooth return to work.
Work re-entry Employees who have left the company for reasons such as studying abroad, changing jobs, or nursing care can rejoin the company under the same conditions as when they left if they meet certain conditions.
Support for self-improvement and volunteer activities You can take the period of leave you need for self-improvement or volunteer activities if the company deems such leave necessary.

Other welfare benefits

Program Content
CANVAS This is an activity support system that provides support for self-development, health, childcare, and nursing care so that all employees can work with initiative and creativity. On a dedicated portal site, one can choose from a variety of menu items.
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