Corporate Information

Neo Finance Company in Asia

Management Philosophy

We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility by striving
to meet the expectations of all of our customers, shareholders, and business partners.
We will compete successfully in the market by promoting our three shared values:
practical implementation of the principles of customer satisfaction as a leading-edge service company;
mutual respect for our interests and those of our business partners;
and developing a corporate culture of creative innovation.


+Shift Existing strengths + new strengths Growing into an innovative corporate entity that continues to create value through new concepts

Based on our “leading-edge service company” management philosophy, we continue to ceaselessly pursue customer convenience and generate innovative services through alliances with various partners that transcend the traditional frameworks of group affiliations and business formats.

At any time in our company history, the source of our ability to create cutting-edge services has always been our corporate culture. Our employees can equally and freely express their individuality and constantly challenge themselves without being pigeon-holed by gender, education, or age.
Credit Saison has continued to inherit this source of creativity, which forms the backbone of our sustained growth.

In this day and age, our social environment is changing at a hectic pace and new financial services are emerging one after the other, driven by the use of leading-edge technologies and the entry of industry outsiders. The business environment that envelops our company is also changing significantly, but given that each and every employee is self-reliant, unfazed, and willing to take on challenges, the individuals and teams at Credit Saison are creating new wealth through innovative and progressive concepts. We intend to fully enjoy these changing times but also keep on sparking innovation and reforming our business models so we can realize our management vision of becoming a “Neo Finance Company in Asia.”

Looking ahead, we intend to diversify our solutions to solve the numerous issues of individual and corporate customers and expand our businesses with a sense of altruism. At the same time, we aim to enhance our corporate value by promoting diversity and inclusion, implementing the ESG-oriented management initiatives that we have pioneered since the 1980s as a responsible member of society, and generate happiness for our customers, business partners, and employees.

President Rinno at the DJ booth set up at the Credit Saison head office reception desk

Chairman and CEO
Hiroshi Rinno