Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Management Structure

As of August 1 , 2021

Board of Directors

Representative, Chairman and CEO Hiroshi Rinno
Corporate strategy, global strategy, branding, Group strategic management
Representative, Executive President and COO Katsumi Mizuno
Overall management execution
Head of Public Relations Office, Branding Strategy Dept., Payment Business Division, Sales Development Division,
General Manager, Payment Business Division
Representative, Executive Vice President and CHO Naoki Takahashi
Promotions of strategies, new businesses
Head of Audit Office, General Affairs Dept., Strategic Human Resources Dept.,
IT Strategy Dept.
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Yoshiaki Miura
Credit card joint ventures affairs
Head of Processing Business Division, Credit Division
Senior Managing Executive Officer and CTO, CIO
Kazutoshi Ono
Company-wide promotions of DX strategies
Head of Digital Innovation Division,
General Manager, Digital Innovation Division,
In charge of IT Strategy Dept., Strategic Planning Dept.,
General Manager, IT Strategy Dept., Technology Center
Managing Executive Officer
Tatsunari Okamoto
Head of Finance Division,
General Manager, Finance Division,
In charge of Leasing Business Dept.
Outside Director Naoki Togashi
Nana Otsuki
Hitoshi Yokokura

Audit & Supervisory Board Members ※Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Members Haruhisa Kaneko
Munehiro Harada
Hiroaki Igawa
Audit & Supervisory Board Members Chie Kasahara

Executive Officer

Senior Managing Executive Officer Kosuke Mori
Head of Global Business Division, General Manager, Global Business Division,
In charge of India business, Being assigned to Credit Saison Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Managing Executive Officer Shingo Baba
M&A, new businesses
Head of Corporate Planning Dept., Corporate Risk Management Dept., Treasury & Accounting Dept.
Shunji Ashikaga
Company-wide Corporate Sales
Head of Saison AMEX Division,
General Manager, Saison AMEX Division,
In charge of Credit Guarantee Dept., Corporate Sales Dept.
Kazue Yasumori
General Manager, Processing Business Division,
In charge of Screening Center, Tokyo Risk Management Center, Osaka Risk Management Center,
Strategic Human Resources Dept.
Naoki Nakayama
In charge of Finance Planning Dept., Finance Business Dept.
General Manager, Finance Business Dept.
Executive Officer Yasuyuki Isobe
Collection&Research Business
General Manager, Credit Division,
Kaori Shimada
Head of CS Planning Dept., General Manager, Sales Development Division,
In charge of Affiliated Store Business Development Dept.,
General Manager, CS Planning Dept.
Masaki Negishi
In charge of Corporate Planning Dept., Processing Sales Dept., Processing Planning Dept.,
Asset Management Dept., Global Strategy Planning Dept.
Ryuki Tabata
In charge of Processing Development Dept., Affinity Business Dept. No.1 & 2, MF Business Development Dept.,
General Manager, Processing Development Dept.
Yuichi Kawahara
In charge of Digital Service Dept., Digital Marketing Dept., Product Development Dept.,
General Manager, Digital Marketing Dept.
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