Group Companies

List of Affiliated Companies
* In the order of the Japanese syllabary As of April 1, 2021

Our affiliated companies conduct businesses in the area of Payment, Finance, Real Estate related businesses, each of which is directly connected to the customers.

Main Consolidated Subsidiaries

Atrium Co., Ltd. Comprehensive real estate business, servicing business
Omnibus K.K. Internet advertisement agency business, marketing consulting business
CASALAGO CO., LTD. Import and sales of lifestyle goods
KURASHINO SAISON Co.,Ltd. Cleaning, security, property maintenance services
Concerto Inc. Amusement services, amusement business, real estate rental business
Saison Personalplus Co., Ltd. Temp staff and services
Saison Fundex Corporation Loans, real estate, credit guarantees
Saison Ventures Co., Ltd. Identification and investment in startups
Saison Insurance Service Inc. Life/non-life insurance agency business
  Consulting business in China
  Overseas business development and regional headquarters in Singapore
PT. Kisetsu Saison Finance(India)Pvt. Ltd. Digital lending operations in India
PT. Saison Modern Finance Digital lending, payments, points business, and lease business in Indonesia
PT. Saison Capital Pte. Ltd. Financing of and investment in overseas startups

Major Equity-Method Affiliates

Eplus Inc. Tickets sale
Idemitsu Credit Co., Ltd. Credit card business, prepaid card business, finance business
Shizugin Saison Card Co., Ltd. Credit cards and credit guarantees, prepaid card business
Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. Information processing services
Seven CS Card Service Co., LTD. Credit card business
Daiwa House Financial Co., Ltd. Credit card business
Takashimaya Financial Partners Co., Ltd. Credit card business
Yamada Financial Co., Ltd. Credit card business
Resona Card Co., Ltd. Credit cards and credit guarantees
HD SAISON Finance Company Ltd. Finance business in Vietnam
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