Corporate Information

Neo Finance Company in Asia


Aiming to be a company that
transforms itself to create the future

Representative, Chairman and CEO 
Hiroshi Rinno

Our company, with its leading-edge service company management philosophy has, since the 1980s, achieved a range of innovations in the credit card industry. However, with the recent wave of digital revolution and globalization, companies, businesses, products and services around the world are rapidly becoming obsolete, making it difficult to continue to earn customer support.

The competition is played not only by existing competitors but also by players from other industries where they had no vested interests in previously. The easy feeling of trying to continue with yesterday’s business, or making as few changes as possible, is a sign the battle is lost.

In any organization, the experience of success gained from not failing inhibits any sense of impending crisis and prevents one from taking on new challenges. In a situation where all nations, societies and organizations are forced to take on the global and digital revolution, the realization of an Internet-driven capitalist society is the matter in hand our Company must surmount and overcome, in which our imagination and execution skills are being questioned once again.

Now called the age of VUCA, no one can predict the future, but we can create the future. It’s a reality that can only be realized by continuing to change so long as we are the main players. From now on, the world will change to a society in which victory is promised only to organizations where customers are involved and all employees play an active role, rather than a limited few.

Credit Saison aims to further contribute to its customers and business partners by creating an organization where all employees play an active role and by aiming to be an ever-progressing company, in order to bring dreams and hopes to the employees, working together to accomplish our mission.

Challenging ourselves to be a finance company advancing with customers for 50 years

Executive President and COO 
Masahiro Yamashita

I assumed the position of President and COO under the new management system in March 2019.
The transition to the joint core system, which has been a long-standing management issue, has been completed, paving the way for us to take on the challenge of developing new alliances, services, and content for future business growth.

At present, there are a wide variety of payment methods, but from the customer’s viewpoint, if they are not true services or products, they will be weeded out sooner or later.

Since our Company was founded, we have achieved all sorts of innovations, earning customer support. Looking ahead, we will aim to be a finance company advancing side by side with our customers for 50 years through innovative services and content creation that fits with our customers' life events and life stages, with digital transformation as the key.

Homogeneous competition results in market saturation, which hardworking alone is insufficient to produce thinking outside the box. For innovation, the inner motivation and purpose of "why do it" is far more important than the approach of "how to do it." To that end, we will create a flexible and powerful organization that can derive its own solutions in this age of unpredictability and uncertainty, as set out in the statement that symbolizes our corporate culture as "open, frank and innovative."

Furthermore, we will continue to improve corporate value and contribute to society by practicing ESG management that we have been working on since the 1980s, contributing to the development of a richer, more convenient society.