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Credit Saison is aiming to become a corporation that leads the digital age, offering up the CSDX VISION to innovate and convert business with digital technology.


Credit Saison has offered up the CSDX VISION and is promoting a digital transformation.


Message from the CDO

Kazutoshi Ono  Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTOKazutoshi Ono  Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTO

Kazutoshi Ono

Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTO

Kazutoshi Ono

Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTO

Credit Saison Digital Transformation (CSDX) Vision: A Digital Transformation toward the Future

A journey to in-house development that started with small steps

In 2019, we started the Technology Center as an in-house development organization from scratch.We started with small steps, beginning with the development of some smartphone app functions, but we gradually noticed the need for comprehensive in-house.And as we went ahead with in-house smartphone app development, it became clear that the same approach would needed for backend systems.In this way, we repeated a process of noticing the need for in-house development of a system while doing that for another system, and as of 2023, we have expanded in-house development to our internal API infrastructure system, which is part of our core systems.

CSDX evolving through three phases

The CSDX initiative can be divided into three phases.

  • Phase 1 (2019-2021): Starting the Technology Center with small steps, tasks were done and the scope of in-house development expanded.We had open recruitment of general employees during this time, training personnel who can understand both business and systems development through the acquisition of digital skills.
  • Phase 2 (2021-): Unifying the conventional IT Dept. and the Technology Center, the CSDX Development Dept. was created.This facilitated evolution to an organization that has two strengths: mode 1 that emphasizes stability and mode 2 that emphasizes speed and flexibility.Moreover, the CSDX Promotion Meeting was established, creating a system for executives to share information about and discuss the DX status.
  • Phase 3 (2023-): Not only the CSDX Development Dept. but all employees aspire to DX.It has become an important theme to increase the productivity of all employees by utilizing generative AI and low-code/no-code tools.
  • 2022 as the first year of generative AI

    2022, as the first year of generative AI, has revolutionized the way we work.President Mizuno has also been using Saison Assist, which is our internal ChatGPT, on a daily basis and communicated a top-down message to "revise all tasks with generative AI as a premise." Utilizing generative AI will be indispensable in realizing DX for all employees, which is the theme for Phase 3.

    Results in figures

    Thanks to in-house development, we have cut costs by 61.8% compared to hiring IT vendors.Work automated through DX development between 2019 and 2022 was also as high as 790,000 hours.This corresponds to automation of 400 employees' work.Looking at paper, 183 tons of copy paper were used in FY2019 and then reduced to 107 tons in 2022.Likewise, the self-solving rate of customer self-service was 64% in FY2020 and increased to 72% in FY2022.

CSDX Strategy

To achieve CSDX VISION, optimize the digital platforms and digital development processes, and create new value and business collaboration by utilizing digital technology and data.

  • Digitally savvy personnel


    We aim to increase the number of people capable of promoting digital transformation, by employing digitally savvy personnel such as engineers, data scientists, and cyber security specialists, and by developing internal personnel through initiatives such as launch of a program for acquiring technologies and skills as engineers.

  • Generative AI


    In order to promote utilization of large language models (LLMs), we promote API linking with OpenAI and other LLMs.

  • Business Creation


    We aim to offer customer experiences that go beyond expectations by developing services and products that utilize digital and tangible strengths.

  • Business Collaboration


    We aim to exchange personnel and create ecosystems with venture corporations as an open innovation strategy.

  • Digital Development Process


    We aim to create a company-wide digital transformation structure to utilize digitally savvy personnel and accelerate the exchange of personnel and knowledge with the digital and IT departments and the shift to becoming a digital organization.

  • Digital platforms


    We actively employ new uses of the cloud and continue to transition existing systems to the cloud while also strengthening our coordination with external systems.

Detailed material on our CSDX Strategy

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