CSDX CREDIT SAISON Digital Transformation

Credit Saison is aiming to become a corporation that leads the digital age, offering up the CSDX VISION to innovate and convert business with digital technology.


Credit Saison has offered up the CSDX VISION and is promoting a digital transformation.

Customer Experience

Creating an experience for customers

Employee Experience

Transforming employees' experiences

Aiming to become a corporation that leads the digital age by innovating and converting business through the use of digital technology and by offering experiences that exceed expectations

Message from the CTO

Kazutoshi Ono  Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTOKazutoshi Ono  Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTO

Kazutoshi Ono

Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTO

Kazutoshi Ono

Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and CDO, CTO

In the past, IT was nothing more than a tool to improve work efficiency within a company. Topics on software were mainly limited to the Information Systems Department. Nowadays, the situation has changed and a relationship has formed between software and all industries, with the use of software becoming something incredibly important in determining business competitiveness.

Credit Saison has the capability to develop, improve, operate, design, and perform data analysis on its own and is building and expanding a system that allows the business side and tech side to cooperate quickly and flexibly and create and improve projects as partners in the same company. We have a hybrid model of in-house development, continuing to promote cooperation with partners in the IT industry as in the past while also having the option for in-house production.

Bimodal Strategy

Credit Saison's digital transformation policies are based on a bimodal strategy that allows two different cultures to coexist: Mode 1, which seriously considers the stability required by financial organizations, and Mode 2, which requires speed and flexibility. We pay our respects to existing technologies while utilizing cutting-edge technology to the fullest, focusing on merging both while recognizing their merits. This also applies to our IT and digitally savvy personnel. We build teams by assembling enterprising personnel and personnel with experience in startups or internet companies based on this strategy.

Digital Transformation for Customer and Employee Experiences

With digital transformations, the use of cutting-edge technology itself tends to get the spotlight, but I believe a digital transformation that doesn't contribute to either Customer Experience or the Employee Experience is an abuse of technology. We will move forward with our digital transformation by persistently focusing on what kind of joy digital technology contributes to, and for whom, while adequately preparing so that this technology can be used freely as needed.

CSDX Strategy

To achieve CSDX VISION, optimize the digital platforms and digital development processes, and create new value and business collaboration by utilizing digital technology and data.


Digitally savvy personnel


We aim to increase the number of people capable of promoting digital transformation, by employing digitally savvy personnel such as engineers, data scientists, and cyber security specialists, and by developing internal personnel through initiatives such as launch of a program for acquiring technologies and skills as engineers.

  • Business Creation


    We aim to offer customer experiences that go beyond expectations by developing services and products that utilize digital and tangible strengths.

  • Business Collaboration


    We aim to exchange personnel and create ecosystems with venture corporations as an open innovation strategy.

  • Digital Development Process


    We aim to create a company-wide digital transformation structure to utilize digitally savvy personnel and accelerate the exchange of personnel and knowledge with the digital and IT departments and the shift to becoming a digital organization.

  • Digital platforms


    We actively employ new uses of the cloud and continue to transition existing systems to the cloud while also strengthening our coordination with external systems.

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