CSDX Strategy

Generative AI


An internal chatbot was developed in-house using the application programming interface (API) of a large language model (LLM) and it began to be used to summarize text and generate ideas for plans.It shares frequently used prompts, shortening the time it takes for employees to use the chatbot.


In-house data response chatbot

We are developing a chatbot that will swiftly respond on Slack using the internal FAQ system that has been constructed through in-house development efforts.The generative AI will create a response to an in-house query based on in-house data.Personnel with knowledge on the business process will check the response before it is returned.


Meeting minutes creation system

We are working to independently create a system designed to transcribe audio data in meetings to text and to summarize it using a large language model (LLM).The transcription process includes a modification function with additional learning to the improve the expressions it uses, including in-house jargon that is likely to cause transcription errors.