CSDX Strategy

Digitally savvy personnel

Structure of the Digital Organization Promoting the CSDX

By employing engineers from venture companies and data scientists and other digitally savvy personnel from within the company and setting the CTO as supervisor, we are forming the Technology Center, which promotes the Credit Saison Digital Transformation across the entire company, as a digital organization.

Digitally Savvy Personnel from the Technology Center

  • Engineer : software development and design, development, and operation of in-house server architecture
  • Data Scientist : utilization of various data using AI and statistical information
  • Cyber Security : supports investigations into security weaknesses, etc., and improvement methods
  • Designer : creates designs in-house that match brand image and concept
Structure of the Digital Organization Promoting the CSDX

Promoting Digitally Savvy Personnel

We have divided our digitally savvy personnel into three categories based on their knowledge and skill with digital technology and data, and we are promoting the training of these digitally savvy personnel by working to enhance our training system and improve our organizational framework.

Digitally Savvy Personnel Categories

Layer1 : Core digitally savvy personnel(engineers, data scientists, cyber security, designers)
Personnel with extensive knowledge and experience of digital topics and data, such as data scientists and engineers with development experience in app development and server architecture
Layer2 : Digitally savvy business personnel(generalists + core technology, citizen developers, citizen data scientists, digital marketers)
Personnel that utilize business department knowledge to promote company-wide digitalization including app development while also coordinating with core digitally savvy personnel
Layer3 : Digital IT personnel(domain experts, business system experts, digital certification program)
Personnel that possess digital and IT knowledge and skills  and utilize these in the promotion of business
Digitally Savvy Personnel Categories
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