Global Business

We will continue working to make the world more prosperous and sustainable by achieving financial inclusion across borders through our global business.

Global Business VISION

We provide digitalized and localized financial services to underserved people and companies that lack access to adequate and appropriate financial services, in an effort to facilitate financial inclusion in Asia and the rest of the world.

Underserved population
Underserved population

Why we focus on the underserved?

Around the world, many people have insufficient access to existing financial services or feel that they are inconvenient, for the economic or geographical reasons or limitations in the availability of infrastructure. These people are collectively referred to as "the underserved."
We will achieve financial inclusion, enabling everyone to have sufficient and proper access to necessary financial services, in Southeast Asia, India and other emerging coutries. We will contribute to solving social issues in these countries and regions and, keep challenging these social issues as a business opportunity.


Kosuke MoriDirector and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Overall Global Business execution
Head of Global Business Division

The financial environment around the world and especially in emerging countries such as Southeast Asia has dramatically changed over the last few years. Conventional financial services are geared toward some limited high-income groups. If other people or small and medium-sized companies wish to use financial services, most of them have no choice but to rely on means such as receiving loans from illegal businesses or relatives because they have no or little bank deposits or a low credit score.

Digital innovation has changed the situation. The so-called leapfrog phenomena of evolving beyond Japan is occurring in Southeast Asia and India. For example, access to financial services using smartphone apps and AI-based credit scoring are already common. Credit Saison's global business has grown along with local partners who provides such innovative digital financial services in the Fintech ecosystem.

In terms of the entry into global businesses, we are a follower in comparison with our competitors but we are consistently expanding. This is attributable to the talented human resources in the countries and our flexible attitudes and ideas about business operations. I really feel that we share the Credit Saison mindset with our international colleagues and that we are working together by focusing on local needs and the speed of our efforts to address these needs while leveraging the knowledge we have accumulated in Japan.

After many years of trial and error, some businesses are finaly beginning to bear fruit and the business in India has grown into one of the mainstays of our global business in about three years. We will apply the experiences and resources having acquired through this business growth to expansion into Latam, which is a new emerging market for us, and accelerate global financial inclusion further. As shown in the new "Comprehensive Life Services Corporate Group" vision in our Medium-term Management Plan, our financial services will be utilized in all kinds of situations in local people’s lives. To live up to the trust that people have in us, we will seek to serve them globally as the one and only finance company.

Credit Saison's global strategies

Our global business consists of two core businesses, one is lending business mainly targets the underserved and the other is investment business involves investment in promising start-ups. With these two core businesses, we seek to lead the growth of Credit Saison.

Lending business

  • We partner with local non-bank financial institutions and FinTech companies to operate a lending business for individuals and MSMEs. Through digitalization, we provide financial services suited to local needs.
  • In pursuit of the continued expansion of business, our international business locations also provide unique financial products.

Investment business

  • Gaining returns and creating new businesses & synergy with our existing businesses through corporate venture capital and strategic investment.
  • Directly invest in early stage startups, pre-seed, seed to Series A, in Southeast Asia, India and other emerging countires. Also reach the markets of Europe, the United States and Africa through LP investments in funds.

Our Footprint

Contributes to achievement of our SDG and ESG targets.

We will push forward with the creation of what we call a "sustainable society that is even more convenient and prosperous than what it is" by implementing many different initiatives through global businesses.

Impact investment

We provide loans to non-bank companies that promote financial inclusion and the achievement of the SDGs mainly in Southeast Asia, India and other emerging countires with an aim to pursue economic returns and measurable social outcomes. 

We are a member of the following organizations that promote impact investment GSG SIMI

Issuance of SDGs bonds (social bonds)

Social bonds are issued by companies, local public organizations, etc. to fund businesses to solve social issues. Aside from impact investment, we issue corporate bonds for use as loans to the underserved.

Social goals to be achieved

Facilitate society's growth and solve problems in ways that only Credit Saison could do.

  • Akagi Nature Park
  • Reduction in paper consumption
  • Use of eco-friendly materials
  • Cashless society
  • Support for sports and
    cultural activities
  • Providing financial support
    in Asia
  • Building Internal Control System
  • Reinforcement of a
    management system
  • Ensuring diversity,
    the empowerment of women
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