Corporate Information

Board of Directors and Statutory Auditors

Management Structure

As of February 1, 2016

Board of Directors

President and CEO Hiroshi Rinno
Overall Management
Head of Credit Card Division
Executive Vice President
Teruyuki Maekawa
Assistant to the President
Head of Public Relations Office,Audit Office,
Treasury & Account Dept.,Corporate Risk Management Dept.,
General Affairs Dept.
Senior Managing Director
Naoki Takahashi
Strategy Promotion
Head of Corporate Planning Dept.,
Internet Business Division
and Overseas Business Division
Managing Director Hiroshi Yamamoto
Head of Finance Division,
Corporate Sales Dept.
Commercial Payment Promotion Dept.
Mizuho-Alliance Development Dept.
and Card Finance Dept.
Masahiro Yamashita
Head of System Planning Dept., Sales Development Division
and General Manager, Credit Card Division
and Alliance Development Dept.
Director Kazuhiro Hirase
General Manager, Sales Development Division
Sadamu Shimizu
General Manager, Finance Division
Solution Business Dept. and Affinity Business Dept. No.1
Akihiro Matsuda
Overseas Management Dept.
Yoshihisa Yamamoto
System Planning Dept.
Tatsunari Okamoto
Head of Customer Satisfaction Promotion Office,
Affinity Business Dept. No.2, Amex Promotion Dept.
Katsumi Mizuno
General Manager, Overseas Business Division
Business Planning Dept.
Masako Takeda
Head of Strategic Human Resources Dept. and Credit Division,
General Manager, Strategic Human Resources Dept.
Career Development Office
Yasuhisa Ueno*
Reiko Yonezawa*

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Members Yoshitaka Murakami*
Masaru Sakurai*
Audit & Supervisory Board Members Yoshiro Yamamoto
Chie Kasahara*

*Outside director/Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Organization Chart

Organization Chart
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