Contributions to society

Our concept of CSR is not limited simply to regulatory compliance and the creation of profit. We believe that CSR also means responding to the needs of citizens, communities and society, and developing business methods and activities that meet and surpass these needs.

Related SDGs


Achieving a Safe, Secure and Convenient Cashless Society

Building a diverse payment scheme

We are working to realize a diverse range of payment platforms, with the aim of raising customers’ convenience as we move towards a cashless society.In addition to issuing credit cards, prepaid cards, and other plastic cards, we have been working on providing next-generation payment schemes in recent years. They include smart phone payments, and QR code payments linked to partner apps.

Appropriate Management of Personal Information

InformationWe manage personal information in accordance with laws, regulations and other requirements, including guidelines and industry rules. We have established internal corporate rules, and give our employees training in ethics. Our efforts to raise awareness of information management include the use of the “personal information manager” qualification established by the Japan Consumer Credit Association, a qualification that is now basically compulsory for employees who handle personal information at Credit Saison. In May 2006, Credit Saison was authorized to use the PrivacyMark, a certification given to businesses with appropriate systems for handling personal information, and we continue our efforts to maintain and enhance the protection level of personal information.

Preventing Excessive Indebtedness

We recognize that the most important issue is to pursue a balance between enriching our customers’ lives while contributing to economic progress on the one hand, and preventing people becoming multiple debtors through overuse. Therefore, we manage personal information appropriately and practice cautious lending and post-lending follow-up, to prevent people becoming multiple debtors.

Information/cyber security

At Credit Saison, we strive to maintain stable operation of its web systems that handle important customer information, such as credit card applications and Net Answer. We use TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to protect the personal information of our customers. Along with striving to maintain stable system operations on a daily basis, we have formulated contingency plans such as securing backups of important systems to prepare for unforeseen events. In addition, for the purpose of detecting and improving system vulnerabilities, the IT Strategy Department takes a central role in conducting regular system risk assessments and, as a measure against cyber attacks such as targeted attack emails, the department takes measures such as fortifying firewalls and raising employee security awareness through simulated email drills to minimize damage in the unlikely event of an infection.

Improving the accuracy of unauthorized use detection

Company initiatives

We are building a stronger security infrastructure by combining our know-how and experience in credit card screening, which we have cultivated over the past 70 years since our founding, with new systems developed in collaboration with partner companies.
Specifically, we are endeavoring to eliminate fraud in cashless payments from three directions: automation of fraud detection using AI, introduction of anti-spoofing technology, and detection of fraudulent devices. Through these efforts, we provide our customers with a safe and secure payment environment and contribute to the adoption of timely and contactless payment methods in this new era.

Secure payment environment in the cashless era

1 Automating fraud detection with AI

System for detecting unauthorized card use

The system uses AI (machine learning)-based fraud risk scoring model to identify and analyze transactions with a high risk of fraud and to prevent fraudulent use by third parties. Automatic learning of increasingly sophisticated fraud methods and early detection of the latest trends enable quick and highly accurate detection of unauthorized credit card use from a huge amount of transaction data.

2 Fraud prevention by means of device identification technology

Rogue device detection

This service detects fraudulent activities on the Internet by using technology that identifies every device used by the customer. Detecting and preventing fraudulent credit card applications and identity-theft shopping on the Internet eliminates anxiety about Internet transactions and enables the provision of safe and secure Internet services.

3 Face recognition technology to prevent identity theft


LIQUID eKYC, a new identity verification service provided by Liquid Inc., which possesses biometric identity verification technology, allows customers to complete the sign-up process online by simply taking a picture of their identity documents and face image, etc. By combining this service with "Saison Connect", which links Saison's card information through an API, customers can use their credit card immediately with their smartphone (mobile payments) after completing the screening process without waiting to receive the plastic card.

Providing financial infrastructure in overseas

Aiming to contribute to regional economic development by achieving financial inclusion in emerging countries focused on Asia, we provide financial services through partnership with local companies, corporate venture capital business, impact investing business and more.

Point Exchange and Donations by Card

We are participating in activities with high social significance and providing support for natural disaster recovery through Eikyufumetsu points and donations through Saison Card & UC Card payments.

Point Exchange and Donations by Card(one example)

  • 2019 Typhoon No. 19 Charity Fund

    11.02million yen

  • Shuri Castle Reconstruction Support Fun

    8.53million Yen

  • July 2020 Heavy Rain Fund

    9.01million yen

Education for the Next-Generation and Financial Education

We take steps to educate the next generation and give them financial education by targeting young people across a number of age groups, from middle-school to university students. Our main activity for this purpose is School Visit: SAISON TEACHER, in which our employees visit schools and give classes on finance to help students deepen their financial knowledge. The primary purpose of this program is to help students, mainly middle- and high-school students, grow into independent consumers.


Supporting Sports and Cultural Activities


We support the activities of the Japanese national soccer teams and also host youth programs. Credit Saison is also a sponsor of performances in Japan by José Carreras, one of the members of The Three Tenors, and makes donations to and supports the activities of the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation.

Partnership agreements with local governments

Credit Saison concluded a partnership agreement on disaster prevention and education with Yokohama City and set up the Bosai Café to educate people about how to prevent and mitigate disasters. As part of this program, we make donations to Yokohama City's disaster awareness program and to hold disaster prevention workshops. We also signed a partnership agreement on health promotion with Fukushima Prefecture and in addition to supporting activities that promote people's health, we also make donations to the prefecture's animal welfare center.
Also, we have also signed a comprehensive agreement on cooperation with Kanagawa Prefecture and are working together to revitalize the local community and solve social issues using Eikyufumetsu Points.


Yokohama City disaster prevention and mitigation workshop


Donating to the Fukushima Prefecture Animal Welfare Center

Incorporating advanced technologies and ideas

SAISON Ventures

In Japan

Saison Ventures Co., Ltd. (incorporated June 2015), the first corporate venture capital firm in Japan’s credit card industry, is engaged in the development of new financial services and business collaboration through open innovation with Japanese venture companies with advanced and innovative technologies in a wide range of areas such as FinTech, IoT, and AI.

  • ■Investment in 35 Japanese venture companies in a variety of areas including payment, commerce, sharing, and new technologies (as of December 31, 2020)

Outside Japan

Saison Capital Pte. Ltd. (established June 2019), a provider of investments and loans mainly to early-stage companies outside Japan, is expanding its corporate venture capital business that provides investments and loans to promising startups not only in Asia but also in Africa, South America, and other parts of the world by collaborating with businesses already established in those markets and quickly incorporating innovative business models.

Initiatives to improve the quality of customer service

Provision of information in sign language

We have established a contact point at our Information Center where customers with hearing or speech impairments can ask about various procedures or make other inquiries via a video phone. The video phone enables smooth communication and timely guidance.

Initiatives for universal manners and manners toward LGBT

We encourage employees to take the Universal Manner Test*1 to learn the “mindset” and “actions” that enable them to act from the perspective of someone different from themselves, such as an elderly person or a person with a disability. We also participate in LGBT*2 manner training*3, where we learn about the concerns and anxieties of the LGBT community, and learn specific knowledge and ways of dealing with the community in order to provide support.

  • *1The Universal Manners Test is organized by the Universal Manners Association of Japan, and is a certification test for systematically learning and acquiring the ”mindset" and "actions" needed to deal with diverse people, including the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • *2LGBT is a general term for sexual minorities and is an acronym for [L] lesbian (female homosexual), [G] gay (male homosexual), [B] bisexual, and [T] transgender (a person who lives or wants to live a gender different from the one assigned at birth).
  • *3LGBT Manners Training” is sponsored by the Japan Universal Manners Association, and provides specific knowledge and ways to deal with the concerns and anxieties that the LGBT community tend to have, as well as points that can be taken into consideration and ways to provide casual support in the workplace and in services.

Dementia supporter training lectures

Against the backdrop of Japan's aging population, we hold dementia supporter training lectures (online) constantly for all employees with a view toward creating a society where everyone can live securely in the community that is home to them. By ensuring that employees acquire the correct knowledge and understanding about dementia, we aim to improve their skills for supporting the many customers who have a stake in Credit Saison, not to mention people showing signs of dementia.

[Lectures held so far] *as of March 22, 2023

Number of trainees 1,041
Number of lectures 45
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