Basic approach

We believe that a company, as a social entity, must not only fulfill its minimum responsibilities of compliance with laws and regulations and contributing to the interests of society, but also develop its business operations in ways (and with content) that meet, or exceed, the apparent and potential needs of citizens, local communities, and society as a whole.

Local communities policy

With our medium- to long-term goal of protecting the rich natural environment and culture that enriches life, and energizing people in the region and community, we pursue co-creation with governments and local communities, cooperate with local communities, governments, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and many other stakeholders to solve local and social issues and strive to enrich society.

Contribution to local government and community

We are participating in activities with high social significance and providing support for natural disaster recovery through Eikyufumetsu points exchange and donations through Saison Card & UC Card payments.

・Regional revitalization and disaster recovery support activities through the tax payment portal site "Saison no Furusato" (Saison’s Furusato tax payment service)

・Signed a partnership agreement on health promotion with Fukushima Prefecture and in addition to supporting activities that promote people's health, we also make donations to the prefecture's animal welfare center.(Donation activities through the exchange of Eikyufumetsu points)

・The Ikebukuro Area Platform was established for companies,organizations, schools, and government agencies to collaborate in the Ikebukuro area of Tokyo, where the Credit Saison head office is located. As a member of the Platform,our company is participating in initiatives that contribute to “improving the value and attractiveness of Ikebukuro.

・Signed a comprehensive agreement on cooperation with Kanagawa Prefecture and are working together to revitalize the local community and solve social issues using Eikyufumetsu Points.

・Concluded a partnership agreement on disaster prevention and education with Yokohama City and set up the Bosai Café to educate people about how to prevent and mitigate disasters. As part of this program, we make donations to Yokohama City's disaster awareness program and to hold disaster prevention workshops.

・Established Saison Business Support, which provides solutions to local business operators, in Kagoshima Prefecture.


Yokohama City disaster prevention and mitigation workshop


Donating to the Fukushima Prefecture Animal Welfare Center

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Point Exchange and Donations by Card(one example)

  • *Fundraising through Eikyufumetsu Points and card payments

Education for the Next-Generation and Financial Education


We take steps to educate the next generation and give them financial education by targeting young people across a number of age groups, from middle-school to university students. Our main activity for this purpose is School Visit: SAISON TEACHER, in which our employees visit schools and give classes on finance to help students deepen their financial knowledge. The primary purpose of this program is to help students, mainly middle- and high-school students, grow into independent consumers.


Initiatives with Reitaku University

In January 2023, as part of the Hiroike Institute‘s educational partnership agreement with Reitaku University, we began accepting applications for the Reitaku University original credit card, a service developed mainly by students with the support of our employees. Through KASSAI, a cloud-based support payment service that collects application fees for Fintertech Co., Ltd., which promotes the creation of next-generation financial services using cutting-edge technology, in December 2023 we also sought support for the student-led Kashiwa Firework Festival Project (Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture). Since the agreement was signed, industry-academia collaboration efforts have been progressing

Supporting Sports and Cultural Activities

Sports sponsorship

Since 2001, together with the Japan Football Association (JFA), we have been supporting the Japanese national soccer team under an agreement with the JFA as a supporting company.In addition to the Japanese national team, we will continue to support a wide range of JFA operations, including the 47 prefectural soccer associations, next-generation development, and promotion of women's involvement in activities.

<Past activities>

- 2001
Issued "JAPAN Card Saison" and donated a portion of card purchases to a fund to help strengthen the Japanese national soccer team

- 2011
When the Japanese women's national soccer team became the world's number-one team, all players received a ¥500,000 reward, and a free Saison Gold American Express® Card

- 2023
JFA Major Partner agreement signed
In addition to the function of donating to the Japanese national soccer team reinforcement fund, Launched "SAMURAI BLUE Card Saison," offering services that allow cardholders to support alongside other soccer supporters, with exclusive privileges and benefits
* "JAPAN Card Saison", which started issuing in 2001, has been renewed with similar service content.

We also signed a sponsorship agreement with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2014.Soccer is an immensely popular sport in Asia. Going forward, we will continue to support not only the Japanese soccer community, but also the wider Asian soccer community, and contribute to its further promotion and development.

We will also continue to engage in activities to energize Japan and Asia as a whole, through our support of soccer.


Sponsored by José Carreras

Credit Saison is also a sponsor of performances in Japan by José Carreras, one of the members of The Three Tenors, and makes donations to and supports the activities of the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation.


Incorporating advanced technologies and ideas

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