Management Philosophy

Declaration of Conduct

Credit Saison has established the following Declaration of Conduct to clarify how the Company should conduct its activities in order to realize its management philosophy.

  • Credit Saison shall comply with all laws and regulations and take a firm stand against any behavior that deviates from these rules.
  • Credit Saison aims to contribute to society and the community, developing and growing together, as a member of society.
  • Credit Saison shall, from the viewpoint of its customers, provide better products and services.
  • Credit Saison aims to be a trusted company, having fair and proper dealings with its business partners.
  • Credit Saison shall endeavor to carry out sound and transparent operations to enhance its corporate value.
  • Credit Saison shall respect individuals, support the growth of its employees, and provide a comfortable working environment.

Standards of Conduct

We have established a Standards of Conduct that provides specific guidelines for employees to act in accordance with the Declaration of Conduct.
We shall share the Standards of Conduct and act accordingly.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations

    ・In all cases, we shall comply with laws and internal rules and carry out our business activities in an appropriate manner.

    ・We shall endeavor to understand the purpose of all the laws and regulations and the background behind them, sharing our clear criterion.

    ・We shall face justice without yielding to anti-social forces that threaten social order and security.

  • Society

    ・We shall comply with social and local rules as a good corporate citizen.

    ・We shall cooperate with society and the community, maintaining friendly relations to achieve a coexistence for mutual prosperity.

    ・We shall act fairly without accepting unjust discrimination based on nationality, gender, or age, etc.

    ・We shall contribute to society by way of providing our products and services.

  • Customers

    ・We shall always listen to our customers and try to provide a fully satisfactory service.

    ・We shall sincerely accept the opinions of our customers and use this feedback to improve our services moving forwards.

    ・We shall handle our customer's personal information in the strictest manner, managing information for the security of our customers.

    ・We shall uphold the integrity of our products and services, fulfilling our accountability obligations.

  • Business partners

    ・We shall respect the position of our business partners and build relationships that can be continuously developed together as good partners.

    ・We shall promote free and fair competition and business without partaking in any unfair business practices such as abuse of power.

    ・We shall do business based on rational and economical decisions by constantly carrying out comparisons with other companies.

  • Shareholders

    ・We shall aim to improve business performance by expanding and strengthening our businesses through strategic alliances and building new business.

    ・We shall appropriately and timely disclose information on such things as management policies and financial conditions as well as valuing dialogue with our shareholders and investors to gain the trust of the capital markets.

    ・We shall handle undisclosed information appropriately and comply with internal rules so as not to infringe on insider trading.

  • Employees

    ・We shall respect each other's opinions and values and create a workplace where everyone can work comfortably.

    ・We shall recognize each person's abilities and achievements and endeavor to evaluate others in a fair manner.

    ・We shall continue to challenge every possibility to further enhance our self-worth.

    ・We shall recognize that we are employees of Credit Saison and act with pride as an employee and as an individual.

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