Credit Saison's visions
Medium-term Management Plan

Medium-term Management Vision

Transforming ourselves into a "comprehensive life services group"

- Combine the real and the digital to achieve customer success -

Under our basic concept of Innovative, Digital, and Global, we will embody a shift to a comprehensive life service group that endeavors to achieve customer success by combining the real and the digital. We also focus on the establishment of the Saison Partner Economic Zone with the Saison Group and our business partners and strive to create value that no other company would possess.

Basic Concept

We follow three concepts to drive our businesses.

Outline of Growth Strategy

・Establish the Saison Partner Economic Zone and reinforce cooperation among the Group's companies

・Revitalize the payment business

・Ensure sound growth of our Finance Segment and expand into new business domains

・Accelerate the development of our Global Business 

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