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Combining IT with our financial services expertise, we are able to offer our cardholders quality content and convenient payment features.
We are committed to ensuring that all our customers experience outstanding service by constantly pursuing user interface improvements.

Creating new services through technology



An online store featuring domestic and foreign products and experiences to enrich the daily lives of our customers.

STOREE SAISON underwent a major overhaul in December 2019 when it was converted into an Eikyufumetsu Points exchange service. Members can log in with the ID and password of their Net Answer and ATU Net online services, to seamlessly use the service without having to re-register their membership and payment information, and they are also able to make combined payments using Eikyufumetsu Points and cards. The store is designed to be used with Eikyufumetsu Points, which never expire.

Saison's Furusato tax payment service

Saison's Furusato tax payment service

A convenient and advantageous tax-payment portal site for card holders.

You are able to register to make donations and to donate money, and it is possible to use Eikyufumetsu Points, the Saison Card and the UC Card to pay for donations. You can log in with your Net Answer and ATU Net online services ID and password, and all of your basic information required for Furusato tax payments, such as your name and address, as well as their credit card information will be automatically linked for your convenience.

App-only Saison Classe service

Saison Classe

The more you use it, the more you save.

Designed for card holders using the Saison Card/UC Card Saison Portal and UC Portal smartphone apps, the Saison Classe service offers added benefits depending on your user class (the degree to which you have used our services) and lets you easily take advantage of them as well as check deals using an app. By providing a service that offers benefits based on users’ usage record, we aim to create a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Saison Classe Saison Classe
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