Finance Business

Offering reliable and dependable services that meet customer needs



Challenging diverse, new products

We offer "finance leases" and "business-use installment sales" based on OA communication equipment tailored to capital investment plans of business operators.
Besides supporting business trends like the POS cash register peripherals market which facilitates cashless payments, we are also taking on new challenges in fields like that of environmental products.

Credit Guarantee Business


Expanding our network of partner financial institutions

We assist with personal loans by closely coordinating with affiliated financial institutions in guaranteeing non-secured personal loans from financial institutions. We meet the needs of our customers with features like "quick screening" and "simplified procedures" that can be completed online and "versatility in purposes of loans" for business funds.


Flat 35 Loans and Rent Guarantee

We offer lifestyle creation financial services ranging from financing home purchases and rent payments.

Example of services


Saison Flat 35 loans

Housing loans available for up to 100% of purchase price.
We offer total assistance with your home purchase.

セゾンの家賃保証 Rent Quick

Saison Rent Guarantee Rent Quick

A support service whereby Credit Saison becomes the rent guarantor making it easy for residents to rent properties smoothly and allowing owners and management companies to rent out rooms in absolute peace of mind.

Real estate finance

We offer real estate purchase loans for individuals (asset formation loans), reform loans, project financing for real estate companies (real estate mortgage loans), real estate non-recourse loans and more.

Example of services

Saison Asset Formation Loans

Saison Asset Formation Loans

We assist individual customers in purchasing apartments for investment purposes.

Saison Reform Loan

Saison Reform Loan

A service that assists customers in creating their ideal home allowing them to freely choose construction contractors.

Saison Real Estate-Secured Free Loan

Saison Real Estate-Secured Free Loan

A service that assists customers who pledge real property, other than their homes, as collateral for the free use of funds within credit limits

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