Activities for environmental preservation (Environment)

Promotion of environmental preservation activities through activities such as operation of Akagi Nature Park,contribution to the “Funds for Construction of Kanagawa Animal Protection Center”, and use of eco-friendly materials. Continuation of the activities also by realizing paperless in-house daily duties.

Akagi Nature Park Operator

Through our engagement in running Akagi Nature Park since 2010, we have continued with initiatives to preserve Japan’s rich natural environment for the next generation. More than 290,000 people have visited the park since it opened, with visitors topping 60,000 in fiscal 2016 alone, to enjoy the passing of the four seasons in a natural setting. Through programs such as guided park tours, eco-craft activities using materials such as nut shells and conifer cones, and the start of the “forest program” for days with no school that offers children time to play and learn in the rich forest that has been cultivated for over 30 years, we are helping visitors experience the true magnificence of nature and enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of environmental conservation activities.

Contribution to the “Funds for Construction of Kanagawa Animal Protection Center”

Started accepting contribution through “Eikyufumetsu Point” with approval to “Realization of the Society for Humans and Animals to Live Happily Together”

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