Diversity Promotion

Our Efforts to Educate Our Human Resources and Energize Our Organization
A Company Where Each Employee Dares to Offer New Value

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives to Bring Out the Individual Strengths of Our Employees

We aim to stimulate and bolster our organizational capabilities by spurring the enthusiasm of each employee and drawing out their best ideas.

Credit Saison’s “Diversity Declaration”

Credit Saison aims to be a company where we acknowledge and harness each other’s capabilities so all employees can actively contribute and flourish as individuals Diversity Ensure we have diverse human resources with diverse perspectives+Inclusion Recognize our differences and harness them to come together as an organization=Diversity & Inclusion All employees contribute to the organization in their own ways so the Company can harness their full capabilities = active contributions from all employees

We aim to build an organization where each employee has ample opportunity to show their capabilities by drawing on the diverse perspectives of our people that arise from differences in gender, age, nationality and values. Through efforts to build an attractive organization, we will spur innovation and bolster our international competitiveness.

Systems for Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Promote flexible working-style options and remodel our corporate culture so all our employees can do their best work across the entire Company.

Projects to Encourage All Employees to Actively Contribute at Work

With the aim of promoting human resource policies that link together business departments and divisions and are executed with sufficient speed, we launched a top-down, cross-division, all-company project team in autumn 2016. Establishing important themes in each fiscal year, we strive to resolve relevant issues.

  • Foster a culture that accepts diversity
  • Promote flexible working-style
  • Promote high-priority human resource measures

Saison Work-Life Design Unit Project

This unit was launched in April 2015 for the purpose of promoting bottom-up working-style reforms. About 200 employees volunteer to participate in the project, accepting the roles outlined below.

  • Gather views within the company, offer suggestions to management for reforming systems and corporate culture
  • Improve satisfaction and intra-company interaction by hosting a variety of events where employees and their families can participate
    Website managed as curation media for designing and publishing ideas on new ways to work and live

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Introducing a common personnel system for all employees where employees with diverse backgrounds can improve and contribute up to their potential

We are creating a corporate culture that fosters initiative and have put into place career self-development paths for those who dare to hone themselves through a long-term and varied series of challenges, going beyond the boundaries of job scope and employment periods to realize “equal pay for equal work” and correct disparities in systems and wages due to employee classifications and age.

  • Placing all employees on an open-ended employment basis with scheduled daily work hours cut back to 7.5 hours
  • Realize “equal pay for equal work” based on role classifications (abolish distinctions in functions and duties linked to position-rank)
  • Award all employees bonuses twice per year
  • Unify employee welfare benefits such as systems relating to working styles the work-life balance support system, and the defined-contribution pension system.

Evaluation System under New Human Resources System

We are adopting role classifications that determine rank and treatment for those conforming to expected role and conduct norms, and we will perform conduct evaluation based on roles for each rank, rather than on recent results. The same evaluation standards will be applied to all employees regardless of their age or past career so high-caliber employees with drive will be assigned earlier to high-profile roles where they face high-degree-of-difficulty challenges.

Saison Style: Five “Style” Attributes We Think Employees Should Seek

Step up to challenges, questions conventional wisdom, performs tasks until they are finished, enhances “team power,” and seeks self-improvement

System with More Work Hour/Location Options, Working Styles Reforms

With the aim of improving work-life balance and productivity, we have added more options for work hours and styles to make it easier for employees to perform at a higher level in concert with the circumstances each employee faces, along with our established working styles such as work shifts, variable work hours, and discretion on start times that aligns with business operations.


  • Paid Leave by the Hour: Employees are eligible to use paid leave by the hour (upper limit of five days per year)
  • Short Work Hours: Employees can work shorter hours for reasons other than childcare and nursing care such as enrolling in an after-work self-development program
  • Telework: A working style aimed at improving productivity by eliminating time spent on commuting and traveling
  • Flex-Time Shifts: An option aimed at realizing optimal working styles suited to department attributes
  • Second Jobs: If conditions are met, employees can work a second job

Initiatives Aimed at Optimizing Work Hours

  • Making work hours visible via attendance management system
  • Initiatives for improving work hours at the time management committee
  • Encourages successive use of paid vacation days (promotes planned awards of paid vacation days, encourages use of paid vacation days in concert with health checkups at certain ages)
  • SMART WORK CHALLENGE (implementation of a campaign at the head office aimed at improving productivity)

HR Development, Career Support, Corporate Culture Reform


Caption: Training for Female Employees Selected for Leadership Potential
Caption: Seminars for working mothers
Caption: A Learning Cafe session
  • Training for Select Female Employees: Implements leadership training aimed at female employees selected for leadership potential
  • Generation-Based Career Design Program: Supports for self-initiative in career development that responds to each generation’s issues
  • Manager Training: Provides training for each rank relating to management, communication, and mental health care such as putting into place activities aimed at ensuring subordinates stay mentally healthy
  • New Manager Training: Supplies training on role recognition, basic knowledge on systems, skills, and evaluation education aimed at all new managers
  • Seminars for Working Mothers: Learning know-how on balancing both work and childcare and advancing medium and long-term career plans
  • Learning Cafe: Employees as well as outside instructors share, based on their own experiences, know-how and knowledge they have gained at work, providing employees an opportunity to learn in ways that foster career development
  • Caption: Employees receive mindfulness training
    Mindfulness Training: Aimed at improving powers of concentration and ability to regulate feelings so as to improve the quality of employee work styles

Other Systems

  • Credit Saison Awards Ceremony: An annual awards ceremony where employees and organizations recognize each other’s achievements across department boundaries with the aim of enhancing the Company’s collective strength and changing the way employees think. In addition to awards that recognize achievements for tasks that were set by each division, there are many types of awards granted, including those based on votes recognizing the employees’ actions and initiatives, which Credit Saison would like to pass from generation to generation.
  • Program for Suggestions and Proposals: The Dream Plan System enables employees to propose ideas directly to senior management; the “Degree of Immersion” challenge is a system where employees can request to be considered to work in certain departments or positions.
  • Career Management Sheet: This once-a-year initiative is an opportunity for all employees to meet and discuss with the Strategic Human Resources Department personnel and supervisors their career vision and major life events such as childcare and nursing care.
  • Career Interviews: The Strategic Human Resources Department conducts interviews aimed at encouraging employees to look inwards to identify their values and what motivates them by taking stock of their work experiences to date so as to support the development of a career plan.
  • Career Interviews, Reassignment for Employees Returning from Childcare Leave: In recognition that returning to a job after a long absence can be seen as the start of a new career, we conduct interviews with those about to return from childcare leave to tell them what the Company expects of them as they strive to develop their careers. We actively seek to reassign them based on their suitability and preferences, and conduct post-return follow-ups.
    Adopting CANVAS Benefit System for Employees: We have introduced CANVAS, an employee benefit platform; employees can apply points that have been awarded to a menu of options for self-improvement, health, childcare, and nursing care.
  • Post-Retirement Re-Employment System: This system promotes the re-hiring of employees who have reached the mandatory retirement age so they can harness their wealth of experience and skills by continuing to work.

Support for Balancing Career and Personal Life

  • System for Extending Childcare Leave: Employees can extend childcare leave until March 31 of the fiscal year when their child reaches age three (the default option is for childcare leave to end when a child reaches his or her first birthday).
  • System of Short-Working Hours for Employees Raising Children: Employees with children are eligible to apply for a short working day through April 15 of the year their children enter fourth grade. There are restrictions on transfers requiring a change of location during the period employees use this option. It is also possible to reapply for a short working day after returning to a full-time position.
  • System for Relocations and Switching to Limited Roles: It is possible to change work arrangements to a restricted range of work locations and roles due to circumstances such as marriage, child birth, childcare, and nursing care.
  • System for Nursing Care: During the period when employees need to provide nursing care, they are eligible to work shorter hours and can obtain nursing care leave of up to one year.
  • Post-Career-Break Re-Employment System; Employees that leave the Company to study abroad, change jobs or provide nursing care can return to work for Credit Saison on the same terms as when they departed if they meet certain conditions.
  • Support for Hiring and Retaining Disabled Employees: We hire disabled employees throughout the year, including hiring for telework arrangements, foster a workplace environment that keeps them onboard such as workshops aimed at cultivating understanding, and hold periodic, post-hire interviews.

Health-Oriented Management Initiatives Prioritizing Employee Health

To continue to create new value as a “leading-edge service company,” we aim to ensure each employee is always in their best condition so they can perform at the height of their potential, the happiness of our employees and their families, and the provision of good services to our customers and partners.

■Basic Principles

  1. Ensuring health and safety is a critical requirement for all operations.
  2. Our basic views concerning health are as follows.
    ①For employees, health is necessary for realizing their life design plans.
    ②For companies, employees need to be healthy to harness their capabilities sufficiently to contribute to the business activities and social activities.
    ③Employees should look after their own health but companies ought to support such activities.


  1. Companies comply with mandatory safety considerations.
    Companies maintain the necessary systems for safety management. Specifically, companies promote systems for task environments, work environment management, and health management while providing education on occupational safety and health to supervisors and managers as well as employees.
  2. Employees take steps on their own to ensure their safety and improve their health.
    ①Employees actively participate in activities to promote health that companies implement.
    ②Employees are responsible for managing their own health so they can do their work enthusiastically.

■Specific Activities

  • Advance initiatives to ensure all employees (100%) receive regular health checkups and post-checkup support for improving their health
  • Conduct surveys relating to physical and mental engagement once per year, including stress check items, and prepare and adopt organizational analysis and measures to improve workplaces
  • Conduct training on mandatory safety considerations (line care) aimed at managers
  • Offer mental-health support to all employees
  • Implement return-to-work programs aimed at enabling a smooth return for employees coming back from injuries or sickness
  • Harness external evaluations and activities such as recommending self-investment in staying healthy using points supplied in the benefit system for employees

External Evaluations and Activities

Promoting Diversity and a More Prominent Role for Women at Work

Selected as a “Pre-Nadeshiko Brand*” company in fiscal 2015
*“Pre-Nadeshiko Brand” companies are ones where the female ratio of new managerial promotions exceeded 30% in fiscal 2014, according to the fiscal 2015 “Nadeshiko Brand Company” report published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI).

Active support for Kanagawa Women

女性の活躍を応援する行動宣言 賛同書
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Toshima Ward’s Toshima “Iku-boss” Declaration

Toshima “Iku-boss” Declaration
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Inclusion in MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index

“MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index

Health and Productivity Management (HPM)

Recognized in the METI “2017 Health and Productivity Management” category for large enterprises (White 500)

“2017 Health and Productivity Management

Credit Saison was recognized in the “Excellence Award” category in fiscal 2014 for companies with outstanding initiatives for cancer patients balancing treatment and work.


Personnel data

Number of Managerial Employees

  Fiscal year 2014 Fiscal year 2015 Fiscal year 2016
Directors (persons)
ASB* members (persons)
*ASB = Audit & Supervisory Board
General managers (persons)
Section managers (persons)
Section chiefs (persons)

Male-Female Managerial ratio

Positions by rank Fiscal year 2014 Fiscal year 2015 Fiscal year 2016
Men Women Men Women Men Women
General managers (equivalents) 87.7% 12.3% 87.8% 12.2% 86.7% 13.3%
Section managers (equivalents) 76.9% 23.1% 74.8% 25.2% 73.2% 26.8%
Section chiefs (equivalents) 35.3% 64.7% 35.5% 64.5% 36.0% 64.0%
total 57.1% 42.9% 56.9% 43.1% 56.7% 43.3%

Personnel data

  Fiscal year 2014 Fiscal year 2015 Fiscal year 2016
No. of employees (persons) 1*
Female manager ratio
※ Ratio at rank of section manager or above
19.7 20.7 22.3
No. of new hires 2*
No. using system for childbirth leave 123 120 150
No. obtaining childcare leave
No. using short work hours as a childcare option 238 254 272
No. using system for nursing care leave 7 8 11
Average overtime hours per month 10.8 11.5 10.8
Average number of paid vacation days approved 11.3 10.5 11.4
Ratio of paid vacation days used (%) 61.5 57.1 61.9
Average age 3* 36.3 36.2 36.6
Average length of service (years) 4*

1* Number of employees (parent) excludes contract employees and part-timers.
2* Number of new hires refers to recent college or high school graduates and does not include mid-career hires.
3*, 4* do not include contract employees and part-timers.
*This ratio does not include seconded employees.

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