Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Contributing to Society in WaysOnly Credit Saison Can

Our view of CSR is to fulfill our responsibilities as a company with a social presence that goes beyond the minimum required level of regulatory compliance and profit contribution. We believe that CSR also means responding to the needs of citizens, communities and society, so we must develop our businesses with methods and activities that surpass such expectations.

Based on our “leading-edge service company” management philosophy, we contribute though the everyday operation of our businesses to resolving problems and move society forward in ways only Credit Saison can by leveraging our unique know-how, management resources, and the experiences of each of our employees. We will create a sustainable society that is even more convenient and prosperous than today’s.

Our CSR from three perspectives

Contributing to resolving social problems through our businesses, helping to create a sustainable society

Programs Now Accepting Donations via Points Transfers (Excerpts)

Let’s Support Kyoto University-linked Center for iPS Cell Research (CiRA)!

Kyoto University-linked Center for iPS Cell Research

We accept donations to fund research expenses, a stable team of researchers and support staff at Kyoto Universityaffiliated Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), led by Director Dr. Shinya Yamanaka.

Total donations: \18,959,000

(from November 17, 2014 through June 25, 2017)

Let’s Support Kanagawa Prefecture’s Animal Protection Center!

Kanagawa Prefecture's Animal Protection Center

We accept donations for the Animal Protection Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is transitioning from a “disposal facility” to “facility to protect life,” to realize a society where people and animals can live together in tranquility.

Total donations: \8,281,500

(from March 18, 2016 through June 25, 2017)

Examples of Support for Disaster Victims via Points Transfers and Card Payments Donations for Great East Japan earthquake victims
Donations for 2016 Kumamoto earthquake victims
Donations for Sanriku railway support project
Donations for Southern Taiwan earthquake victims
Donations for Nepal earthquake victims

We also accept donations via points transfers and card payments on behalf of many other activities
For details please see www.saisoncard.co.jp

Environmental Conservation to Save Natural Splendor for Future Generations

Environmental Conservation

Akagi Nature Park

Akagi Nature Park is the culmination of about thirty years of effort to restore the forest and surrounding environment at the foot of Mt. Akagi in Gunma Prefecture.

With flowering plants growing in a rich forest, visitors can experience the true magnificence of nature and gain a deeper understanding of environmental conservation activities. The park is operated with the cooperation of its official sponsors.

Financial and Career Education Initiatives

Financial and Career Education Initiatives

We support initiatives to increase the financial knowledge and promote the growth of future generations of children through our participation in various education programs. Employees give back to society by drawing on their experiences and the knowledge they gained through their work, contributing to the sustainable development of a financial society in midst of rapid change.

In addition, we launched in December 2016 our “Point Investment Service,” which enables members to gain experience investing for the long term using Eikyufumetsu points with the aim of promoting investment education for youth generations.

Support for Sports and Cultural Activities

Support for Sports and Cultural Activities

Our aim is to cultivate a society abundant with colors that inspire uplifting feelings through sports, music and artistic endeavors.

As a supporter of Japan’s national soccer teams, we back various activities such as youth programs and events where children who look up to players can meet them in person. We support helping to make the dreams of boys and girls aiming to become future representatives on Japan’s national soccer teams come true.

As for musical endeavors, we sponsor performances in Japan by José Carreras, famous worldwide as one of the “The Three Tenors” among male opera singers, and we continue activities that enable Japanese music fans to hear his wonderful voice. As supporters of the time and energy he puts into his namesake charity, the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation, we have made donations every year since 1999.

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