Initiatives toward ESG

For the development of a prosperous society

Approach to addressing social issues and corporate governance

Contributions to society

Our concept of CSR is not limited simply to regulatory compliance and the creation of profit. We believe that CSR also means responding to the needs of citizens, communities and society, and developing business methods and activities that meet and surpass these needs.

Related SDGs

Achieving a Safe, Secure and Convenient Cashless Society

Building a diverse payment scheme

In order to break down the Japanese cash market and realize a cashless society, we are working on building next-generation platforms such as prepaid cards and smartphone payments as well as credit cards.

  • Credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Smartphone payments

Appropriate Management of Personal Information

InformationWe manage personal information in accordance with laws, regulations and other requirements, including guidelines and industry rules. We have established internal corporate rules, and give our employees training in ethics. Our efforts to raise awareness of information management include the use of the “personal information manager” qualification established by the Japan Consumer Credit Association, a qualification that is now basically compulsory for employees who handle personal information at Credit Saison.
In May 2006, Credit Saison was authorized to use the PrivacyMark, a certification given to businesses with appropriate systems for handling personal information, and we continue our efforts to maintain and enhance the protection level of personal information.

Preventing Excessive Indebtedness

In recognition that credit cards can be used beyond what is affordable, we monitor the loan balance of borrowers closely over time to prevent overuse and have put into place a consultation system to assist customers with revisions to contract terms and repayment amounts.

Information / Cybersecurity

CybersecurityWe use the cryptographic communication technology called TLS / SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Socket Layer) to protect the customer's personal information for the online system such as card application and Net Answer (online portal) that store important information.

Improving the accuracy of unauthorized use detection

We are providing a safe and secure payment environment by improving the accuracy of unauthorized use detection system leveraging the latest technology.

Providing financial infrastructure

Partnering with local companies focused on Southeast Asian emerging countries providing financial infrastructure and contributing to local economic development.

Point Exchange and Donations by Card

We are participating in activities with high social significance and providing support for natural disaster recovery through Eikyufumetsu points and donations through Saison Card & UC Card payments.

Point Exchange and Donations by Card(one example)

  • Donations for 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake

    7.18 million yen

  • Donations for July 2018 torrential rain

    32.16 million yen

  • Support for the Kanagawa Prefectural Animal Conservation Center Construction Fund

    16.53 million yen

Education for the Next-Generation and Financial Education

Credit Saison is engaged in financial education for the next-generation in all regions for a wide range of age groups, from junior high school students to university students, including participating in the inquiry-based learning program, Quest Education, for over 10 years.

A lecture for high school students
on the cashless society
The 2019 Quest Cup

Supporting Sports and Cultural Activities

We support the activities of the Japanese national soccer teams and also host youth programs. Credit Saison is also a sponsor of performances in Japan by José Carreras, one of the members of The Three Tenors, and makes donations to and supports the activities of the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation.

Partnership agreements with local governments

Credit Saison concluded a partnership agreement on disaster prevention and education with Yokohama City and set up the Bosai Café to educate people about how to prevent and mitigate disasters. As part of this program, we make donations to Yokohama City's disaster awareness program and to hold disaster prevention workshops. We also signed a partnership agreement on health promotion with Fukushima Prefecture and in addition to supporting activities that promote people's health, we also make donations to the prefecture's animal welfare center.

* Donations can be made to any of these programs with Eikyufumetsu Points.
* All photos are for representation purposes only.
Donating to the Fukushima Prefecture Animal Welfare Center
Yokohama City disaster prevention and mitigation workshop