Initiatives toward ESG

For the development of a prosperous society

Approach to addressing social issues and corporate governance

Credit Saison's contributions to
society are unchanging

Based on our "leading-edge service company" management philosophy, we contribute though the everyday operation of our businesses to resolving problems and move society forward in ways only Credit Saison can by leveraging our unique knowhow, management resources, and the experiences of each of our employees. We aim to create a sustainable society even more convenient and prosperous than it is today.

Examples of programs that accept donations with Saison Eikyufumetsu Points

Supporting the Kyoto Universityaffiliated
Center for iPS Cell
Research and Application (CiRA),
led by Director Dr. Shinya Yamanaka

Total donations ¥28,628,000

from November 17, 2014 through Septenber 15, 2018

Supporting the construction
fund for Kanagawa Prefecture's
Animal Protection Center

Total donations ¥14,259,000

from March 18, 2016 through Septenber 15, 2018

Examples of Support for Disaster Victims via Points Transfers and Card Payments

  • Donations for Great East Japan earthquake victims


  • Donations for 2016 Kumamoto earthquake victims


  • Donations for Sanriku railway support project


  • Donations for 2018 Taiwan earthquake


  • Donations for Nepal earthquake victims


  • Donations for July 2018 floods


Initiatives for fostering the next-generation

We support the growth of future generations of children through our participation in educational programs and company visits by elementary and junior high school students. In addition, with the aim of creating investment opportunities for the younger generation, we offer our "Point Investment Service" through which members can gain long-term investment experience.

Elementary school students visiting Credit Saison on "Family Day"
Joint tutorials with Kyoto Sangyo University

Supporting sports and cultural activities

We support the activities of the Japanese national soccer teams and also host youth programs. Credit Saison is also a sponsor of performances in Japan by José Carreras, one of the members of The Three Tenors, and makes donations to and supports the activities of the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation.

Partnership agreements with local governments

Credit Saison concluded a partnership agreement on disaster prevention and education with Yokohama City and set up the Bosai Café to educate people about how to prevent and mitigate disasters. As part of this program, we make donations to Yokohama City's disaster awareness program and to hold disaster prevention workshops. We also signed a partnership agreement on health promotion with Fukushima Prefecture and in addition to supporting activities that promote people's health, we also make donations to the prefecture's animal welfare center.

* Donations can be made to any of these programs with Eikyufumetsu Points.
*All photos are for representation purposes only.
Donating to the Fukushima Prefecture Animal Welfare Center
Yokohama City disaster prevention and mitigation workshop

Akagi Nature Park

Credit Saison manages the Akagi Nature Park, the culmination of about thirty years of effort to restore the Japanese woodlands and surrounding environment at the foot of Mt. Akagi in Gunma Prefecture.
With the goal of making coexistence between humanity and nature a reality, we continue to create an environment with thriving plant life where insects and small animals can live comfortably in order to pass on the park's natural splendor to future generations.

Environment-related volunteering

Credit Saison takes part in various community activities such as clean-up events in different regions across Japan and initiatives to maintain the coastal forest reserve of Kujukuri Beach in Chiba Prefecture, which was decimated by the tsunami following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

*Examples of initiatives in FY 2017
Makuhari Shintoshin clean-up day
Enoshima Beach clean-up(Blue Santa)