Our Views Concerning ESG

We promote business activities that factor in environment (E), social (S), and Governance (G) considerations to increase our corporate value sustainably over the long term.

We promote environmental conservation activities through such actions as sponsoring the operation of Akagi Nature Park and accepting donations to rebuild the Animal Protection Center in Kanagawa Prefecture.

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We believe our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not limited simply to regulatory compliance and profit creation but it also means responding to the evident and latent needs of citizens, communities and society and developing methods and activities to expand our businesses in ways that meet and surpass such needs. This concept guides our CSR activities.

CSR and Social Contribution Activities

We aim to evolve into an organization where everyone contributes.
Female Manager Ratio (section manager equivalent) 22.3

Diversity Promotion


To increase corporate value, we are working to “bolster supervision functions by appointing outside directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members,” “promote proper information disclosure,” “implement effectiveness evaluations of the Board of Directors,” and “support compliance practices across the Company.”

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