Grow into an innovative company

Foster a corporate culture where each employee delivers new value and embraces the challenge

Realizing diverse work styles and increasing productivity by broadening work shift periods and range of workplaces

For each individual employee to unleash his or her strengths according to their situations, we added shift work, irregular working hour system and change of starting time of working hours in sync with conventional business management to expand work style options, thus, by diversification of work style, we aim to enhance productivity and realize employees’ personal goals.

Systems that realize flexible work styles

Hourly paid leaves

In addition to day and half-day paid leaves, employees can now take hourly leaves for various purposes. (Maximum 5 workdays per year)

Reduced workdays or working hours

Employees can have reduced workdays or working hours not only for childcare or nursing care, but also for developing skills after work. (Maximum 168 days per year, reduced hours of up to 2 hours daily in units of 30 minutes)


We promote effective utilization of commuting or moving time by working at home and mobile work to increase productivity and promote activity.


Employees can determine their working hours of the working day at their own discretion within the range of total monthly working hours each month to realize their optimum work style according to the operational circumstances of their department.

Second job

Employees who meet the requirements can take on a sideline. We support any arrangement which can lead to career advancement and where the experience gained externally can benefit the main work in the company.

Initiatives for enhancing work style quality and productivity

Mindfulness training

We conduct mindfulness training and morning exercises for employees, aiming to control emotions, increase focus and improve work style quality.


We launched a work-style reform campaign aimed at improving productivity and hope to achieve company-wide improvements by having each department or division share their progress with the entire company.

We installed various workspaces for different purposes, aiming to create a workplace that functions as an engine for innovation.

Office casual

We introduced office casual wear as a means to recognize and accept diversity, nurture creativity and sensitivity, and lift productivity.

Attendance management system and Time Management Committee meetings

Our attendance management system allows us to visualize employees’ working hours, and employees and their supervisors daily verify the days off, leaves and overtime status. Also, the Time Management Committee convenes regularly to find ways to improve working hour conditions.

Encouraging consecutive paid holidays

We encourage employees to take consecutive paid holidays (such as, promoting paid leaves for planned vacation promotions, encouraging to take age-related full medical examinations).