Grow into an innovative company

Foster a corporate culture where each employee delivers new value and embraces the challenge

Saison Style

As we aspire to be a leading-edge service company, we formulated five employee conduct policies for all of Credit Saison collectively called "Saison Style."

Embrace challenges / Question conventional wisdom / Work until the job is finished / Elevate team power /Elevate yourself

Common personnel system for all employees

Build a system that always faces new challenges

We have grown as a company by promoting the individuality of each and every employee regardless of education, gender or age. However, changes in the social environment are accelerating at a rapid pace and the business environment encompassing our company has been transforming significantly. Under such circumstances, sustainable growth will require unleashing the full capacity of all of our people and require a venture spirit of always trying to grow. For this reason, in September 2017, we discarded our old employee classification system that divided employees such as professional employees and mate employees (part-timers), and introduced a new breakthrough personnel system for all employees as permanent employees. This new personnel system handles our people by their role, not by their classification, ensuring equal pay and equal work, and thus we have created an environment where anyone can take on new challenges.

After September 16, 2017

Recognizing achievements: Credit Saison Awards Ceremony

In addition to awards that recognize achievements across all departments and divisions, many types of awards are presented at this ceremony, including those based on votes recognizing the actions and initiatives of employees who envision themselves as Credit Saison’s future culture carriers.