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Health-Oriented Management Initiatives Prioritizing Employee Health

To continue to create new value as a “leading-edge service company,” we aim to ensure each employee is always in their best condition so they can perform at the height of their potential, the happiness of our employees and their families, and the provision of good services to our customers and partners.

Basic Principles

Ensuring health and safety is a critical requirement for all operations. Our basic views concerning health are as follows.

  1. ① For employees, health is necessary for realizing their life design plans.
  2. ② For companies, employees need to be healthy to harness their capabilities sufficiently to contribute to the business activities and social activities.
  3. ③ Employees should look after their own health but companies ought to support such activities.


  • Companies comply with mandatory safety considerations.
  • Companies maintain the necessary systems for safety management. Specifically, companies promote systems for task environments, work environment management, and health management while providing education on occupational safety and health to supervisors and managers as well as employees.
  • Employees take steps on their own to ensure their safety and improve their health.
  1. ① Employees actively participate in activities to promote health that companies implement.
  2. ② Employees are responsible for managing their own health so they can do their work enthusiastically.

Health management promotion system

The headquarters and each business unit hold a Wellness Promotion Committee. Wellness promotion leaders work with industrial physicians belonging to our Career Development & Health Management Section, public health nurses and the Strategic Human Resources Dept. to implement measures geared towards workplace environment improvement and employee health maintenance and promotion.

Specific Activities

  • Advance initiatives to ensure all employees (100%) receive regular health checkups and post-checkup support for improving their health
  • Conducting stress checks and organizational analyses, providing feedback to the workplace and implementing improvement measures
  • Conduct training on mandatory safety considerations (line care) aimed at managers
  • Offer mental-health support to all employees
  • Implement return-to-work programs aimed at enabling a smooth return for employees coming back from injuries or sickness
  • Implementing lifestyle habit improvement measures (Walking event, etc.)
  • Providing specified insurance policies with health insurance societies and implementing health promotion measures
  • Harness external evaluations and activities such as recommending self-investment in staying healthy using points supplied in the benefit system for employees

Health management awards and certifications

for 3

Recognized in the METI "2019 Health and Productivity Management" category for large enterprises (White 500)

Excellence Award

Received the first ever "Gan-Ally-Bu Gold Award" for providing a workplace for employees undergoing cancer treatment.

Gan-Ally-Bu Gold Award

Credit Saison was recognized in the "Excellence Award" category in fiscal 2014 for companies with outstanding initiatives for cancer patients balancing treatment and work.