Grow into an innovative company

Foster a corporate culture where each employee delivers new value and embraces the challenge

Toward an organization where all employees can shine

We aim for an organization where each employee has ample opportunity to show their capabilities by drawing on the diverse perspectives of our people that arise from differences in gender, age, and values.

History of empowering women at Credit Saison

Since the 1980s Credit Saison has actively engaged in the hiring of women. In order to realize the participation of women in a broad range of roles and positions, we have continued to listen to the opinions of our employees and enhanced our personnel systems in order to mitigate the number of female workers quitting work or abandoning their careers due to major life events such as marriage or childbirth.

  • 1980
  • 1990
  • 2000
  • 2010
  • 2017
  • '82 Initiated proactive hiring of women for both new graduates and mid-career
  • '89 Introduced work location courses
    (countrywide and regional types)
  • '92 Introduced childcare leave system
  • '97 Introduced childcare and nursing care reduced working hour system
  • '07 Expanded reduced working hour system (up to April 15th of the year that the child reaches 4th grade of elementary school)
  • '07 Expanded scope of counter-restricted positions to all sales
  • '07 Introduced spouse childbirth leave system
  • '10 Introduced nursing care leave system
  • '12 Extended nursing care leave period and expanded reduced working hours system
  • '13 Expanded reduced working hour system
    (resumption of reduced working hours after returning to regular working hours)
  • '16 Tested introduction of remote work system
  • '17 Introduced common personnel system for all employees to be further active
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Women labor data

As of March 31, 2018 (excluding seconded employees)
Ratio of female employees 75.6%
Ratio of female new recruits 82.5%
Ratio of female directors 12.5%
Division manager equivalent 10.9%
Section manager equivalent 26.6%
Section chief equivalent 66.8%

Supporting working women with various systems and initiatives

Childcare leave system

Mothers can extend their childcare leaves up to the 31st of March of the year in which falls their child's 3rd birthday. Not limiting the leaves to one year allows them to build a solid dual system for their work and childcare. During leaves, mothers can spend time developing skills to boost their careers or in other ways that befit their lifestyle to ensure a smooth, seamless return to work.

Shorter working hours system

Employees can work shorter hours up until April 15 in the year their child starts grade four of elementary school, while shorter working hours for nursing care can be taken whenever such need arises.

Post-childcare leave career counseling and replacement

Counselors see a return to the work is a starting stage of a new career in the interview at the employee’s returning of the work. They convey the company's expectations to the returnees and make them inventory their past work and think of a mid- to long-term career plan from which a new career will take shape. We are proactively replacing them in the company based on their desires, aptitudes and other factors.

Seminars on balancing work and child rearing

At these seminars, working mothers can gain communication skills needed for longer-term career design and the construction of systems for office and home environments.

Systems and initiatives supporting the contributions of all employees

System for changing work location/role

Employees can choose to limit where they work or the roles they perform owing to certain reasons such as childcare or nursing care. Their places of work or roles can be expanded when the aforementioned reasons no longer exist or if they wish to further advance their career.

Nursing care system

Our employees who provide nursing care can have reduced working hours and take leaves up to a year.

Medical leave system

Employees temporarily incapable of working due to non-occupational illness or injury can take a leave to focus on recuperation and treatment. We have a back-to-work program to support returnees and ensure a smooth and seamless return to work.

Supporting the hiring and job stabilization of disabled persons

We conduct recruitment activities and student internships all year round. To create a work environment that promotes job stabilization, we conduct workshops for applicants at the time of accepting the company and introduce job support tools, and periodical counseling after joining the company. In addition, we started an indoor farm called "Saison Farm Toda" to further promote hiring.

Rework entry system

Employees that resigned due to studying abroad, changing jobs, nursing care or other reason can be rehired under the same conditions with their retirement if they meet certain requirements.