Grow into an innovative company

Foster a corporate culture where each employee delivers new value and embraces the challenge

Toward each career autonomy

We support autonomous career development and mobility so that each employee can comprehend the roles they are expected to fulfill and get accustomed to learning about themselves through reflection.

Dream challenge

Once a year, employees can apply for a transfer to their desired department. This system allows employees with a clear image of their own career path and potential contribution to the company to directly contact the Strategic Human Resources Dept.

Job competition

Once a year, employees ranked Section Chief and above can apply for any desired position. They can even apply their desires for starting up a new company. Our president reads all of their applications to utilize them as references at the organizational and personnel changes.

Career management sheet

Every year, we give our employees the opportunity to discuss with their superiors about the necessary arrangements to accommodate future career goals and current life events such as childcare and nursing care, and share them with the Strategic Human Resources Dept.

Learning Café

The Learning Café is a place where employees can learn to become more professional on the job by hearing a variety of lecturers share their knowledge, experience, case examples, and know-how acquired through work.

R Academy: Next-generation leadership training

Younger employees learn about leadership, management issues, and other topics from the president and senior managers.


We conduct trainings including Career Design Program that provides age-based career support, which provides basic knowledge for managers (systems, employee evaluation methods, etc.) and training on management, communication, mental health, and other topics.

CANVAS benefit system for employees

This system supports employees in such areas as self-improvement, health, childcare, and nursing care. Employees can receive assistance for various activities by using points awarded every year.