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Working to make
D&I a reality

- Credit Saison HR development & organizational revitalization -

Each and every
employee must
create new value

Masahiro Yamashita
President and COO

Credit Saison has pioneered initiatives for building a system for hiring and continuous employment of women since the 1980s. Those initiatives led to the formulation of a corporate culture that aims for full participation at the workplace regardless of gender, education, individual background or other attribute. In September 2017, we introduced a new personnel system that unify treatment for all employees and arrange environment to promote employees’ professional development and challenges that will drive business expansion.

Being a leading-edge service company, our corporate philosophy, and ensuring sustainable growth require each and every one of us to do his or her utmost to create and provide new value and drive innovation. We will increase our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) across the board in order to maintain an active organization that unleashes every employee's full capacity and provides them with fulfillment and enjoyment. Moreover, we will consistently provide sound management to keep the best possible conditions as well as career mobility and job satisfaction improvement, thus always reform our organization so that employees can maximize their strengths in their own way.

Credit Saison’s "Diversity Declaration"

Credit Saison aims to be a company where we acknowledge and harness each other’s capabilities so all employees can actively contribute and flourish as individual