Credit Saison's Business

Ceaselessly pursue customer's convenience
as a "leading-edge service company"

Creating new value through innovation

PaymentCard Business

Upgrading our card business model in pursuit of customer convenience and building next-generation payment platforms

Along with credit cards and prepaid cards, Credit Saison is working to build mobile payment and other cardless payment schemes in order to realize a secure, safe, and convenient cashless society.

Credit cards

We have many affiliate cards with unique features, responding to customer needs.

SAISON American Express@ Card
  • SAISON Platinum Business American Express® Card
  • Corporate Card
  • Card for SMEs
  • PARCO Card
  • Mitsui Shopping Park Card Saison

Prepaid cards

With our cumulative prepaid card issuance exceeding 50 million,
we are expanding this market using our know-how as a pioneer.
*As of December 31, 2018

Credit Saison-issued prepaid cards
Prepaid cards we administer under consignment

Pioneering new payment schemes

We are increasing the cardless payment functions available only on smartphones and expanding payment platforms in collaboration with our partners.

Eikyufumetsu Points

Eikyufumetsu Points –
they never expire

Credit Saison offers a loyalty points program called Eikyufumetsu Points where points never expire. Customers can choose to accrue or use points, use them to pay for an item purchased by credit card, or transfer them to eligible recipients.

1 point=About ¥5

Eikyufumetsu Points

Saison Point Mall

Credit Saison operates the online Saison Point Mall website where customers can accrue Eikyufumetsu Points. Points can be accrued by shopping, answering surveys, or playing games on popular websites. The site is also accessible by visitors without an affiliated card.

Saison Point Mall

Business data

Main Indices for Card Business
Main Indices for Card Business(non-consolidated)
Share of Personal Consumption in Japan by Payment Method(Fiscal 2016)
Year-on-year change in share is shown inside the parentheses.

Share of Personal Consumption in Japan by Payment Method(Fiscal 2016)

*Source: Credit Saison estimates based on materials published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nihon Card Business Institute’s New Payment Report, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, and other companies and associations. “Credit Card” share includes payment sums for corporate cards (estimated ¥3 trillion for a share of 1%).