Credit Saison's Business

Ceaselessly pursue customer's convenience
as a "leading-edge service company"

Creating new value through innovation

Digital Marketing

Improved Quality of Life for Customers through the Evolution of Digital Services

Credit Saison aims to improve the quality of life for its customers by effectively and efficiently providing the Company’s high-quality content and convenient payment services through digital technologies.

Shift from Standard Service to a Service based on Usage Record

Incorporating Advanced Technologies

  • ・ Established first CVC in the domestic card industry (June 2015)
  • ・ Cemented early initiatives with companies with advanced and innovative technologies
  • ・ Invested in 24 diverse venture companies including payment, commerce, sharing, and new technology companies (as of June 30, 2019)
  • ・ Launched an open innovation R&D organization together with Digital Garage, Inc.,, Inc, and KDDI Corporation.
  • ・ Selectively implemented development in blockchain, VR and AR, AI, security, and bio-health