Credit Saison's Business

Ceaselessly pursue customer's convenience
as a "leading-edge service company"

Creating new value through innovation

FinanceFinance Business

Path to Further Growth as a Resilient Non-Bank
Offering Safety and Reassurance

Utilizing its sales capabilities and nationwide network built up in the card business, Credit Saison is working to build its business foundation as a non-bank resilient to environmental changes with a diversified range of revenue streams through strengthening relationships with partner companies and providing finance services tailored to market needs.

Lease & Rental Business

Challenging diverse, new products

Harnessing our know-how in credit examination and speed in setting credit limits as key strengths, we are forging ahead with finance leases, business-use installment sales, and rentals, especially for office automation (OA) equipment and LED lighting that align with the capital investment plans of businesses. As well as responding to business trends such as the point-of-sale (POS) cash register peripherals market which captures growth in cashless payments, we are endeavoring to create new revenue streams in environmental products and growth areas.

Balance of Receivables

Credit Guarantee Business

Expanding our network of partner financial institutions

Supporting the promotion of loans to individuals, we work closely with partner financial institutions in terms of both marketing and credit controls, primarily in the area of credit guarantees for unsecured personal loans that do not set conditions on use of funds. These loans are popular for their versatility as they can be used for business funds and a range of other purposes, and they continue to meet customer needs such as simple application procedures that can be completed online and quick screening and approvals. Leveraging these features, we aim to increase our balance of credit guarantees.

Balance of Credit Guarantees, Number of Partners (Consolidated)

Flat 35 Loans and Rent Guarantee

Aiming to add more sales agents and expand share

Flat 35 loans have expanded the Saison mortgage loan package to include loans for renovations and the start of guarantee type loans, in addition to conventional purchase type loans, supporting a wide range of house purchasing needs. The Saison Rent Guarantee Rent Quick also addresses the needs of the rental market. Credit Saison offers lifestyle creation financial services from rental to house purchase.
"Flat 35" Loans(*Japanese only)
Rent Guarantee Rent Quick(*Japanese only)

Other Finance Products

Diversification of finance business

We are working to expand our loan balance by bolstering our support system for partners with study sessions and customizing products offering "Saison Asset Formation Loans," "Saison Real Estate Investment Loans," and "Real Estate Mortgage Loans for business and private" in response to market needs.
Saison Asset Formation Loans(*Japanese only) Saison Real Estate Investment Loans(*Japanese only) Real Estate Mortgage Loans for business and private(*Japanese only)

Steadily expanding our asset balance

We launched our lease business in 1982 and credit guarantee business in 1985, and for more than 30 years we have built a relationship of trust through exploring market needs, developing products and improving operations that come with those demands. Since then we have expanded our asset balance by providing financial services in tune with market needs and strengthening relationships with business partners based on heavily customer-oriented products, such as with the release of our Flat 35 loans in 2009 and Saison Asset Formation Loans in 2013.

Balance of Assets Finance Businesses

New Products

Saison Reform Loan

Since January 2019, Credit Saison started handling renovation loans, meeting the needs of funding for renovation. This service supports customers in creating their ideal home which allows them to freely choose a builder or contractor as it is a (non-affiliated type) loan without a specified renovation company.

Saison Reform Loan

Saison Platinum Flat

In June 2019, Credit Saison began offering mortgages with lower interest rates than Credit Saison's Flat 35 (purchase type) loans for those with a deposit. Saison Platinum Flat is Credit Saison's own original product using the Flat 35 (guarantee type) loans.

Saison Platinum Flat