Payment Business(BtoB)

We offer business support services tailored to corporate needs, including assisting with cashless conversion, improving cash flow and enhancing the efficiency of back office operations such as expense settlement for sole-proprietors and small and medium-sized enterprises by leveraging our card business know-how, our 36 million-strong customer base and the resources of our many business partners.

Promoting conversion to cashless operations for the corporate market

We offer optimal solutions well beyond the card business to tackle the most diverse issues faced by our customers.

Payment solutions/business support
We offer a wide lineup of "business cards" that help streamline operations and reduce the costs of corporate clients ranging from large companies to venture companies. We are also in a position to propose the best solution tools to solve problems in different business scenarios by providing resources in cooperation with a wide network of partners.
Marketing solutions
We can help expand sales and strengthen your customer base by making proposals on sales promotion and advertising on the strength of the big data provided by our approximately 36 million members, a 110-billion yen Eikyufumetsu Points economic zone as well as Web services and smartphone apps used by our card holders.

We can assist with your business thanks to Credit Saison's extensive know-how and the resources of our wide network of partners.

  • Business efficiency
  • Securing human resources
  • Strengthening your customer base
  • Cost reduction
  • Strengthening governance
  • Sales expansion

Payment Solutions and
Business Support(an example)

Credit Saison offers the best tools for the challenges and sales activities which arise in various business situations, supporting the streamlining of corporate activities.

Streamlining Operation, Reducing Costs and Cashflow Improvement

  • SAISON Platinum Business Pro American Express® Card


    Cashflow Improvement and cost reduction for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • SAISON Gold Business Pro Card


    Cashflow Improvement and cost reduction for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • SAISON Platinum Business American Express® Card


    Streamlining for sole-proprietorship

  • SAISON Cobalt Business American Express® Card


    Streamlining for startups

  • SAISON American Express® Business Pro Purchasing card


    Streamlining invoice management and reducing transfer costs

  • Corporate cards


    Simplifying expense payments

  • "Concur" - expence payment system


    Streamlining expense payments

  • Acquisition of receivables / Billing service


    Cashflow Improvement and reducing invoice creation

Procurement Support

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    Fund-raising service based on future receivables

Payment Environment Set Up

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    Offering payment terminals to meet the needs of affiliated stores

On-site Support

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    Business card management systems

Online statement viewing service for corporations


Viewing your online statements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by online statement service

Download online statements for UC corporate cards, member store contracts, lease contracts (including business credit contract and rental contract) as PDF or CSV data files. Check statements for periods as long as 14 months.

Marketing Solutions
(an example)

Building Customer Bases and Increasing Sales

Optimal marketing solutions using big data

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Secure authentication system

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Solution for expanding customer bases

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