Asset Management Business

Our "Point Management Service," which allows users to easily simulate asset management by way of increasing or decreasing their points, helps stimulate interest in investments and economic mechanisms on the part of customers, including younger ones. We have also developed a variety of asset management services with the aim of remaining close to all our customers through their entire lives; a case in point is Saison Pocket, an investment service that eliminates concerns people may have about investing like fear, reluctance and anxiety.

Experience worry-free investing with Eikyufumetsu Points

Our Eikyufumetsu Points service allow you to simulate long-term investments.

Asset management-experiencing tool

Point management Point management

You can increase your point balance by monitoring how points increase or decrease daily depending on the status of stocks, investment trusts * and indexes, and by withdrawing points at the right time.

  • * Fund wrap managed by Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., and investment trust products managed by Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd. and Saison Asset Management Co. Ltd.
  • * Registering stock points is required in order to use the individual stock course.

A ”simple!" and "easy to understand!" investment service you can operate even with small amounts

We offer a service for making payments with Saison Cards and UC Cards and for making funded investments with points.

Funded investment service

Saison Pocketセゾンポケット

A service designed for card holders that allows even those who are new to investment to easily and conveniently start making stock and investment reserves from a smartphone. You can pay with a Saison Card/UC Card start from just 1,000 yen a month. You can also use your accumulated Eikyufumetsu Points for investment funds, so you don’t need to worry about losing money.

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