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Akihiro Matsuda


Akihiro Matsuda

General Manager, Global Business Division
Chairman of HD SAISON Finance Co.,Ltd.

Born in 1960


March 1983 Graduated from Osaka University

Work Experience

April 1983 Joined The Fuji Bank, Ltd. (Present Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.)
October 2002 Joined Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. (Present Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)
April 2008 General Manager, Toyama Business Dept.
April 2010 Joined Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
June 2010 Director(Present),
Financial Products Dept., Card Finance Dept. and Loan Center
March 2012 Web Branch and Card Finance Dept.
October 2012 Mizuho-Alliance Development Dept., Web Branch and Card Finance Dept.
March 2013 General Manager, Credit Division
Financial & Corporate Business Dept.
and Mizuho-Alliance Development Dept.
March 2014 Overseas Management Dept.
March 2016 General Manager, Overseas Management Dept.
March 2018 General Manager, Global Business Division
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