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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our concept of CSR is not limited simply to regulatory compliance and the creation of profit. We believe that CSR also means responding to the needs of citizens, communities and society, and developing business methods and activities that meet and surpass these needs. This concept guides our CSR activities, which are based on three perspectives:

Three perspectives on CSR activities

1. To survive as a company and promote the interests of our customers, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders

Our corporate mission is to conduct our business activities in a sound, appropriate and timely manner. Through efforts to enhance corporate governance, we will improve management transparency and strengthen the systems used to monitor the achievement of management targets.

2. To contribute to society by fulfilling our responsibilities through our core business activities in the areas of credit cards and financing

Credit cards drive economic activity as extremely effective tools for settlements. Our priority is to prevent excessive use leading to heavy indebtedness, while ensuring that credit cards help to enrich the lives of our customers and contribute to economic development. As a finance company, we carefully manage private information in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law, and use it to prevent excessive indebtedness through the prudent provision of credit and appropriate monitoring after credit is provided.

Appropriate management of private information

We manage private information in accordance with laws, regulations and other requirements, including guidelines and industry rules. We have established internal corporate rules, and give our employees training in ethics. Our efforts to raise awareness of information management include the use of the “private information manager” qualification established by the Japan Consumer Credit Association. This qualification is now basically compulsory for employees who handle private information. Security measures have also been strengthened, with the use of leased lines, limited access authorization, encryption, and restricted access to data terminals. In May 2006, Credit Saison was authorized to use the PrivacyMark, a certification given to businesses with appropriate systems for handling private information, and we continue our efforts to maintain and enhance the protection level of private information.

Preventing excessive indebtedness

In recognition that credit cards, which many cardholders have grown comfortable with, can be used beyond what is needed, we monitor the loan balance of borrowers closely over time to limit overuse and have put into place a consultation system to assist customers with revisions to contract terms and repayment amounts.

3. To contribute to society in ways which are unique to Credit Saison

Tens of thousands of people, including our employees and their families, depend on the Credit Saison Group. We recognize our responsibilities as an employer and work constructively to resolve any employment issues.
As a leading-edge service company, we aim to use our business activities to provide services exceeding customer expectations in attention to detail and contribution to society.

Creating Supportive, Professional Work Environments

Credit Saison is working to provide inclusive work environments and employment terms for all employees, regardless of age or gender. In response to the twin demographic trends of a falling birthrate and aging population, we are working to make our systems more supportive. For example, to enable female employees to continue working after marriage and childbirth, there are systems in place to enable them to work shorter hours or receive childcare leave until their children reach age three, and the way has been paved for men to also apply for childcare leave. Moreover, we offer a nursing care system for employees caring for older relatives, and have a program for actively rehiring retirees.

Social Contribution Activities

In order to support charitable donations and offer social contribution activities that individual customers may find difficult to participate in on their own, we have prepared ways for them to take part in such activities by using their credit cards. Our regular lineup of rewards can be donated with “Saison Eikyufumetsu Points” (“Saison Permanent Points”) and other points that accrue in line with card usage.

Contributing to Communities via Activities Credit Saison Is Best at

Through our co-sponsorship of educational programs and activities focused on education and environmental conservation such as our running of Akagi Nature Park, we effectively harness our unique know-how, our management resources, and the experience and knowledge of each of our employees to support the growth of the children who will lead the next generation.
Our support for sports and cultural events and donation initiatives is another way we actively participate in social contribution activities.

Activities Focused on Education

Gakken’s “Learn from ‘Manga’” series for elementary school students Publication of “The Secret of Credit Cards” (2012) Family Day workplace tours for children Participation in education programs “Quest Education Program” supports the growth of junior high and high school students “Nikkei Education Challenge” class for high school students

Akagi Nature Park Operator

Akagi Nature Park

Through our engagement in running Akagi Nature Park since 2010, we have continued with initiatives to preserve Japan’s rich natural environment for the next generation. More than 170,000 people have visited the park since it opened, with visitors topping 50,000 in fiscal 2014 alone, to enjoy the passing of the four seasons in a natural setting. Through programs such as guided park tours, eco-craft activities using materials such as nut shells and conifer cones, and the start of the “forest program” for days with no school that offers children time to play and learn in the rich forest that has been cultivated for thirty years, we are helping visitors experience the true magnificence of nature and enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of environmental conservation activities.

■Fiscal 2016 Co-sponsors

IBM、朝日生命、AMERICAN EXPRESS、アメリカンホーム保険、出光クレジット株式会社、イープラス、VERITAS INVESTMENT、NTT DATA、GALA FJNEXT、KYODO PRINTING CO., LTD.、コンチェルト、Cyber Agent、CTC、JCB、GENOVA、GMO、SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.、セブンCSカードサービス、ソフトバンク、大日本印刷、TOPPAN、TOPPAN FORMS、野村証券、PARCO、ValueCommerce、光通信グループ、VISA、FUJITSU、MasterCard、みずほ銀行、YAMADA、楽天、株式会社 良品計画

Support for sporting activities

Since November 2001, Credit Saison has been a corporate supporter of the SAMURAI BLUE men’s team, the NADESHIKO JAPAN women’s team, and other Japanese national soccer teams that compete on the world stage. We support programs for children who aspire to be future representatives on Japan’s national soccer teams, helping to implement “national flagbearer,” “Welcome Kids,” and other youth programs.

Support for cultural activities

Jos'e Carreras

Credit Saison supports the musical career of José Carreras, the opera singer famous worldwide as one of “The Three Tenors.” As supporters of the time and energy the cancer survivor puts into his namesake charity, the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation, we have made donations every year since 1999.

Donation activities

With an environment in place to enable participation in social contribution activities, we offer cardmembers the opportunity to use Eikyufumetsu Points and credit card payments to make donations and support charitable activities.

  • Commencing donations to Center for iPS Cell Research
    As supporters of the activities of the Kyoto Universityaffiliated iPS Cell Research Fund, we run an initiative to enable cardmembers to support the Center for iPS Cell Research, led by Director Shinya Yamanaka, through Eikyufumetsu Points and credit card payments.
  • Enabling an Ophthalmologist to Keep Providing Free Eye Care in Vietnam
    We accept donations to the Asia Prevention of Blindness Association in support of Dr. Tadashi Hattori, who has provided ophthalmological care free of charge to patients in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia for over a decade.
  • Supporting Donations for Nepal Earthquake Relief
    We are accepting donations via Eikyufumetsu Points to provide relief funds for those affected by the April 25, 2015 earthquake that caused enormous damage in Nepal and neighboring countries (we plan to accept donations through July 31, 2015).

Donations Using Eikyufumetsu Points

Nature Conservation Activities in Akagi Nature Park Akagi Nature Park Japan Soccer Representatives Support Fund Donate to the Japan Football Association Support for Rearing Guide Dogs Donations to the Japan Guide Dog Association Support for the Education of Children Worldwide National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan

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